WiFi In Motion, Wireless Freedom! Part II 11

Long before we purchased Beatrice, I was on the look out for WiFi on the go. You see, I can work from just about anywhere as long as I am connected to the internet and have great cell service. I wrote a post previously on WiFi In Motion and I’ve now gone full circle having contacted the owner directly to speak with him about the differences in the industry and how WiFi In Motion will assist me with my traveling/working goals. Rob Taylo was very informative, helpful and provided the fun story and information below. I’m still doing lots of research on which WiFi system will best suit my needs but, WiFi In Motion is at the top of my list.

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Keeping Kids Learning with Mobile Internet for RV

Whether they’re home-schooled or you simply want to help them retain knowledge during holiday breaks, mobile internet for RV users can help keep your kids at the head of the class. RV internet using SinglePoint’s WiFi In Motion system lets you and your family get online while you’re on the road, so you don’t have to hear, “Are we there yet?” as often.  Below are some ideas for learning activities to do with your kids on your next road trip.

Find out more about a destination. As you make your way to some of the country’s best national parks to set up camp, have your kids connect to the WiFi for RV to learn more about local attractions and points of interest. Consider taking a trip to one of the following:

  • Carlsbad Caverns National Parks, New Mexico. During the summer, the whole family can enjoy the light show put on by Mother Nature. Find an online constellation map, get out a compass and start gazing upward.
  • Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania. Experience history firsthand and show the family where the Battle of Gettysburg Civil War action took place. Prepare for the visit with a history lesson about the Founding Fathers and a stop in historic Philadelphia before taking the park’s self-guided auto tour in your RV.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Europe has the Alps, and the U.S. has the majestic Rockies. A trip to this park is a good way to introduce the kids to the world’s major mountain ranges and other geographic points of interest. Since sightings of bighorn sheep, elk and other wildlife are common, have the kids make a checklist of must-spot animals.

Explore roadside oddities. Every state has at least one, and they’re usually not that far out-of-the-way. Tell your kids about the family’s destination and how you plan to get there. Then make it their mission to find the best roadside attractions and oddities and tell you why they’re significant for a lesson in unusual architecture, American folklore or clever marketing tactics. Some that are hard to miss include:

  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial near Keystone, S.D. Where else are you going to see the faces of U.S. presidents carved into a mountainside?
  • Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle in Garland, Wash. Enjoy a milkshake inside a milk bottle.
  • Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Bemidji, Minn. This “roadside colossus” is a great way to revisit a classic American folktale.
  • The Big Duck in Suffolk County, N.Y. When this building had its grand opening, there were more than 90 duck farms in the county.
  • Superman in Metropolis, Ill. This “man of steel” is 15 feet of metal muscle.
  • Albert the Bull in Audubon, Ia. Where’s the beef? Just look out the window.

Learn some local history. Every place you visit has a story. By having your kids explore their destinations with the help of online encyclopedias, they can learn more about how a town has changed over the years (use the wireless WiFi for RV to find pictures of early settlers); discover the values of the residents; and see how decisions guide the future.

Mobile internet for RV users is simple to set up and gives your family a safe way to stay in touch, browse the Web and have access to the world at their fingertips as the wheels cruise the pavement.

SinglePoint Communications offers innovative solutions for internet WiFi when traveling. WiFi In Motion is the SinglePoint system that allows you to receive RV internet or WiFi on a boat. It comes with your choice of antenna as well as a rugged router to turn your vessel or vehicle into an instant hotspot via a robust cellular signal.

WiFi In Motion: Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

Router_COR_photoYou don’t have to be tech-savvy to use SinglePoint’s WiFi In Motion in your RV because the kit comes with all you need to get connected before you hit the road, including:

  • Wall mounting bracket
  • 110V AC & 12 V DC power supply
  • WiFi In Motion COR Router
  • WiFi antenna
  • Hard-wire power cable (optional installation)
  • Cellular antennas (with window mount, thru-hole mount or magnet mount options)

Create Your Own Hotspot

You can install the WiFi In Motion system by yourself or enlist the help of a SinglePoint expert. WiFi In Motion for RVs is a cost-effective, easy-to-set-up and secure way to connect to the internet. You can be anywhere and still have reliable wireless WiFi for your laptop or other electronic devices.

SinglePoint Communications’ WiFi In Motion system provides a simple turnkey solution by also providing the wireless data, so there’s no need to involve a cellular carrier. SinglePoint allows customers the benefit of recurring monthly billing, preventing the hassle of sending in a check to a cell carrier or going to a store to pay a bill. SinglePoint also allows customers the ability to shut off their WiFi at no charge for up to six months in a year – a flexible option for the traveling RVer.

Internet for Those Who Roam

Visit SinglePoint Communications online to get answers to frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us today for more information about the WiFi In Motion system and installation costs at 866-959-WIFI (9434). For additional WiFi In Motion pricing information, please visit our online store.

WiFi In motion

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WiFi In Motion, Wireless Freedom! 1

One of the most important components to my being able to live the ‘Streaming lifestyle, is to stay connected. And by connected, I mean to the Internet!!! I can work from anywhere. Hence, when I purchase my Airstream, I will take my work with me on the open road. I can’t pull this off without reliable Internet service. I have been reading review after review and blogs galore to find the best solution. Hands down WiFi In Motion seems to fit the bill. It’s a bit pricey at $849.99 for the “Lite Kit for RVs”. They also have units for: Wireless Marine Kit, iBooster for the iPhone and a HomeBoost System. But, the price is PRICELESS if you can stay connected to the world (and clients!!). I will be purchasing the Lite Kit for RVs when I purchase my Airstream, for sure!

Next Exit: Wireless Freedom!

“The open road just became more open. WiFi In Motion delivers an Internet access solution that will make the hours between RV parks more enjoyable and productive. The WiFi In Motion anywhere Internet access kit converts your RV into a “hotspot” floating down the highway. Now you can browse the Internet and check email at high speeds, all while enjoying the freedom of mobility. You will no longer have to wait to find free, unsecured WiFi, or purchase expensive satellite systems that offer slow speeds.” ~ WiFi In Motion