Guest Post ~ Corrine Vegter of Dusty Dog Studio Reply

One thing is apparent to me ~ Airstreamers are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Up until last week when we finally purchased our very own Airstream, we attended various rallies and events just as onlookers and came away with a sense of “family” after meeting so many diverse and really cool people. One of those special people is Corrine Vegter of Dusty Dog Studio. We met Corrine, her husband Brian (who is also an artist), their dog and their vintage 1962 Airstream at Alumafandango here in Denver. Corrine’s love of Airstreams and art is combined in her fabulously cute ceramic travel trailers. I just fell in love with them. Each piece has its own character just like the vintage trailer it portrays. And, all the ceramic trailers light up ~ now that is special! She also designs and creates necklace pendants and retro Airstream t-shirts. So happy to introduce you all to Corrine and her Dusty Dog Studio ~

“Corrine Vegter is known for are her ceramic travel trailer lanterns. The
inspiration came from her travels with husband, Brian, in their ‘85 VW camper
van. Spending time at campgrounds around the country looking at old tin can
trailers sparked her creativity. “Seeing the lights on in those old campers at
night made me curious as to what’s going on inside them.” she says. “I thought,
why not create that same thing in clay?” Corrine and Brian now have a 1962
Airstream Bambi. When the couple is not traveling Corrine is creating work for
shows or custom ceramic trailer lamps for customers.”

Photo source: Dusty Dog Studio

Airstream In The News 1

The Silver Bullet is making a comeback! Airstream is making news all over the country!!

The Airstream Bambi, circa 1960, that was recently added to the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


Airstream Turns 80: Looking in the Rear View Mirror, Huffington Post

ABC 7 affiliate KABC Los Angeles published this article yesterday: “Airstreams, Silver Trailers, Make A Comeback“, along with this video

CBS Los Angeles shared: “New Airstream Dealership Opens in LA”

Fox just published “America’s 10 Greatest Factory Tours”

Capital Talk: Bob Wheeler from RVNN.TV

The New York Times published: “Airstream: The Concept Travels Well”

Travel + Leisure published: “World’s Trendiest Airstream Hotels”

Austin News, The Statesman wrote about: “Fashion on the roll: Mobile boutiques hit the trailer scene”

Food & Wine contributes this article: “The New Airstream Cuisine”

Wally Byam, the creator of the Airstream, declared that the goal of trailering was “to place the great wide world at your doorstep for you who yearn to travel with all the comforts of home.”

Photo Source: New York Times

Hub’s Hints: Introduction 9

Greetings to the camping world and all of you outdoors enthusiasts or, as Anna subscribes to; the “Glamorous Camping” aficionados.  Please allow me to formally introduce myself.  I am “Hubs”, Anna’s husband.  Actually, I am not particularly fond of this nickname and unfortunately now, I will be saddled with this tag line for the extent of my adult life!  For those who are interested, my name is Paul. 

Following my wife’s suggestion, I have agreed to post a weekly feature on Anna’s Blog.  My posts, entitled “HUB’S HINTS”, will be respectfully presented for your appreciation and edification and will cover a myriad of subjects.  The information will be offered for your enjoyment and is sincerely intended to complement your camping, out-of-doors dining experience and your ultimate satisfaction.  The post will include wine suggestions, cocktail and beverage recommendations and an occasional coveted personal recipe. 

For your information, I am an art major, a sculptor and painter but, as is the case with many a starving artist, early in life I was forced to get a real job!  I followed in my father’s footsteps and spent the last 30 plus years in the wine business, first in wholesale and later as a supplier representative and then as an importer.  Wines have been my passion, joy and my vocation.  I spent my entire career in the pursuit of an expanded knowledge, traveling the globe and studying.  I have been involved with courses of study at the Institut International Des Vins et Spirtueux, Bordeaux France and German Wine Academy with a continuation of my education through the Court of Master Sommeliers and with the Society of Wine Educators.  One would have to be brain-dead not to have accumulated some knowledge and a basic understanding from this type of activity and exposure!  However and keeping everything in perspective; one important and undeniable fact I have learned is that, “the more one knows, the more one knows that they don’t know”.  My respectful and humble recommendations or, “HUB’S HINTS” will be presented based on my experiences and personal preferences.  I don’t pretend to have all of the answers and this subject is very subjective.  What may appeal to one person does not necessarily appeal to another.  Also, I would be pleased to try to answer to the best of my ability, predicated on my knowledge and experience, any questions that you might have.  Just post your questions and or comments on the blog.

Additionally, my posts will not be limited to wines and beverages alone.  I intend on sharing a number of my favorite recipes.  As a single parent, I learned to cook out of necessity, quickly growing tired of macaroni & cheese and meat & potatoes.   I thoroughly enjoy following an interesting recipe or creatively altering the approach and components to appeal to my personal preferences.  My specialty is Italian, following my heritage.  But, being a confirmed and hopeless “Foodie”, I will be pleased to pass along other interesting and tantalizing dishes for your potential enjoyment.

So, take a peek each Friday for “HUB’S HINTS” for recommendations that hopefully will complement your dining and camping experience.  My suggestions are sincerely intended for your satisfaction and enjoyment. . .

Cure for Altitude Sickness Reply

I currently live at 5280 feet (one mile) above sea level. I used to reside at 7890 feet above sea level while living in Aspen. I witnessed time and time again my clients who would fly into town and want to party~hard. Not a good idea. I am one of the lucky ones~I  never suffered from altitude sickness. If you have ever experienced altitude sickness including headache, dizziness and nausea, it’s not a pretty sight. So, if you are traveling to Colorado or any other destination with high altitude, these tips will help you acclimate to the altitude. Drinks lots of water, avoid alcoholic beverages (at least for the first day or two) and six hours before ascending into a higher altitude, take 600 mg of ibuprofen and then at six-hour intervals. Dexamethasone and acetazolamide are the two most often prescribed medications for altitude sickness but, both have side effects that can make them tough for some to take. So, take your Advil and travel safely!