Tumble In ~ Marfa, Texas 1

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I am innately drawn to obscure out-of-the-way small towns in our country. Just add in one Airstream, two days travel, a  yellow lab and a wanderlust for adventure and you’ll end up in the land of “Quirky” ~ better known as Marfa, TX. This post, however, is only about the accommodations found in Marfa ~ the Tumble In RV Park. I’ll be sharing stories about the town of Marfa and unique finds in my next post. When you hear Marfa is in the middle of nowhere, that is correct. And the Tumble In makes you feel right at home in the middle of nowhere! I loved staying here. Quirky, plain, no frills ~ yes but, there is something about it that grounds you. Waking up to hear the train passing by (and I do mean passing right by, check out the photo below of how close it really is), watching the tumbleweed float by like a silent passerbyer and the Texas winds that speak to you while blowing past your cheek.

Drive on in to the Tumble In….

TX Marfa_7167

Self check-in at the office which is an orange and white 1962 Mobile Scout (canned ham). Luv this!

TX Marfa_7019

Did I mention the “train”?

TX Marfa_7180

The facilities ~new, modern and really cool. Not your average RV Park so have an open mind!

TX Marfa_7170 TX Marfa_7184

View from my office on a blustery Marfa day (and another train!!). Otis was very circumspect of the “stickers” which are everywhere in Texas. Not so great for the pups paws.

TX Marfa_7408 TX Marfa_7378

The manager, Jon C.s ’77 Airstream Ambassador in site #12

TX Marfa_7188

Tumble In Views

TX Marfa_7200 TX Marfa_7191 TX Marfa_7137 TX Marfa_7134 TX Marfa_7030 TX Marfa_4185

Photo Source: © 2013 All Rights Reserved Anna Sullivan Photography

El Cosmico Reply

My friends at Mali Mish just visited a super cool vintage trailer hotel that I had never heard of. I had to investigate. El Cosmico is a one of a kind vintage trailer hotel and campground on 18 acres in Marfa, Texas. Where is Marfa, Texas you ask? Well, it’s a few hundred miles west of Austin. Just love to see these unique hotels popping up all over the world. And for El Cosmico,  you can enjoy not only big blue skies and billowing clouds but, a restful stop in the middle of Texas and an experience most could only wish for.


“El Cosmico is part vintage trailer, safari tent and teepee hotel and campground, part creative lab, greenhouse and amphitheatre – a community space that fosters and agitates artistic and intellectual exchange.”

ectent01_333x500px img_7420-2

Trailers include: 1956 IMPERIAL MANSION, 1953 VAGABOND , 1951 ROYAL MANSION, 1949 SPARTAN MANSION, 1951 KOZY COACH, 1950 BRANSTRATOR and an 18′ LITTLE PINKY. All trailers come complete with bedding, towels, all kitchen needs, hot water, floor heating, fans, fridge and stove.

pinky09 img_8385 img_8173 img_8270

Additional amenities:

Bath House: our bath house features showers, tub, toilets, sinks and a few electrical outlets. Camping doesn’t have to be dirty.
Hammock Grove: relax.
Internet: wireless internet is available in our lobby lounge
Kitchen: shared outdoor kitchen onsite with fridge, bar-b-cues and picnic tables for guests.

img_8436 img_8347 hammocks img_7440

“El Cosmico offers opportunities for creativity and play. Our evolving program of workshops and retreats ranges from sewing to cooking to art classes to writing workshops and more. Over time, we will add a series of art shacks – a silk screen workshop, a pottery studio, a darkroom, and others – places for both guests and locals to get their hands dirty. In addition to the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love held annually onsite, our program of events and festivals is expanding to include film, music and cultural events.”

img_8215 img_8225 img_8163 img_8108 img_8097 img_7293 img_7274 branstrator2

Photo source: El Cosmico