World’s Best Stainless Steel Cleaner 6

Sundays are always my day to spruce up the house. I guess you could call me a clean freak. Well, after years crewing on private yachts, you kind of have to be. I know that everyone lusts after stainless steel kitchen appliances. So do I. When they are clean, they shine like a star in the galaxy. At first, cleaning my stainless steel appliances was almost a test of torture. Especially the stainless steel hood~Oiy! The streaking, the spots~simply a nightmare. That was until I discovered what I personally feel is the worlds best stainless steel cleaner. I know it’s crazy to say this but, it’s Pledge! That’s right, Pledge. Now I fly through my kitchen with a clean rag and my handy spray bottle of Lemon Pledge and the job is done in minutes. No streaks, no finger prints, no spots. Voila!!

Our kitchen

A Nifty Place For Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil 1

After years of learning organizing principles from Martha Stewart television programs and magazine articles, I’m always searching for creative and affordable ideas to organize spaces in my home. My search lately has me thinking of how I will organize my Airstream kitchen. While at IKEA several weeks ago, I saw a stainless steel handy holder for plastic wrap or aluminum foil.  It was a great idea but, only holds one roll. Now, we all know our kitchen drawers are filled with several rolls of plastic wrap, wax paper and aluminum foil. So, I found this solution and I love this item. Not only will it hold two rolls of your favorite wrap for kitchen needs but, also holds a roll of paper towels. Genius. Plus, it’s stainless steel, costs around $69 and they offer free shipping.  This site has so many other fun and creative stainless steel products. Enjoy!

Blomus Stainless Steel Polished Kitchen Multi-Storage

Stainless Steel or Titanium? Reply

I try my best to always recycle and repurpose everything I can. Even though I rarely use a straw at home, I frequently use straws while dining out at restaurants. And, I couldn’t help but think how swanky these re-usable straws would be in an Airstream kitchen. It’s time to rebel against the plastic straw!!

So, the question is ~ Stainless Steel or Titanium? $12/4 pack versus $18 each?

Stainless Steel Straws from The Mulled Mind

1) Kids can’t chew on them

2) Reusable and Eco friendly

3) Dishwasher safe

4) They are not plastic

5) Comes with a drawstring bag, pipe cleaner and cleaning instructions

6) Comes in various sizes and diameter (for those Martini worshipers vs. ice tea lovers)

7) Best of all, hand-made in the USA by the Mulled Mind an Etsy shop

Cost: $12 for 4 pack with a lifetime guaranteed


Titanium Straws from Think Geek

1) Made of food grade titanium

2) Tasteless and odorless

3) Will not corrode

4) Non-allergenic

5) Dishwasher safe

Cost: $18 per straw