Guest Post ~ On The Road Green with Cece and Brenda 6

My admiration goes out to folks who not only talk about caring for our environment, but, especially to those whose actions speak louder than words. May I proudly introduce you to Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty of On The Road Green. Cece had found my blog and reached out to me, kindly expressing her pleasure in reading my posts. Ironically, the day before I received Cece’s message, she and Brenda were doing an open house in Boulder, Colorado (I only live 20 minutes from Boulder) of their eco-friendly Airstream. I missed them by one day and off they went to Albuquerque! I hope I can run into these fantastic women on the road one day to meet them in person. I love what they are doing, spreading the message of green living and helping our planet earth in so many ways. Keep up the good work, ladies and safe travels. I look forward to following along on your journey through your amazing website! Enjoy their story…

We have been living full-time in an Airstream for 10 months – 2 girls, a cat and a dog.  We are driving towards sustainability one mile at a time.
What inspired us to sell your house and belongings and set out for life in an Airstream?
We wanted to pursue our passions – down-sizing our life, travel, being with friends and family, and educating about simple living.  The housing market in California was going downhill and we sold before we were completely upside down on our mortgage.  It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  From there, we paid off our debt and pursued our dream of owning an Airstream.  At first we were simply going do a green remodel on the weekends as we had time.  Then as budget and job cuts ensued with the State of California, Cece lost her Public Health job.  With free time and creative thinking, we decided to write off for sponsorship for the eco remodel and Brenda pursued a telecommuting work schedule with her employer.  The dream of “On the Green Road” blossomed.
Many people ask about our sponsors and how that came about and how we chose our products.  Here’s the answer…
We approached companies for sponsorship – 250 in all.  It pays to be diligent and patient.  No money exchanged hands.  Products and labor were offered by the companies and in return we list them on our website, write blogs about their sustainability platform/eco products and offered to hold an open house at the location of their choice.  The sponsorships don’t support our life on the road. Costs since moving into the Airstream full-time have been out of our pocket, including open houses.  We travel the U.S. and Canada engaging people in the benefits of simple, green living because we believe in it 100%. We are currently looking for sponsors to help us accomplish this dream by helping to fund or off-setting the cost of biofuel, campgrounds and open houses.  We also created our “Buy A Mile” program where anyone with a PayPal account can donate to On the Green Road. More information can be found on our website’s main page.
Our selection of eco products was a two-pronged approach. Firstly, our desire was to be independent and off grid; therefore, we added solar power and a waterless composting toilet which allows us to maximize our time off the grid and off the pipe. Secondly, we wanted to have a healthy living environment, free of toxins and VOCs.  To accomplish this, we added organic linens/textiles and eco materials that were beautiful and healthy like cork and Marmoleum flooring, bamboo cutting boards, a kirei work desk, Paperstone countertop, a Keetsa eco-friendly mattress, American Clay walls and ceiling, eco veneer on existing cabinets and LED lighting. We sought out the companies whose products we already loved based on quality, style and aesthetics.  In many cases we bought discounted remnants, like Marmoleum and Paperstone, at eco home stores.
P.S. – our diesel truck also runs on waste veggie oil. 
We are currently on our “On the Green Road” tour. Here’s a little more about it.
We are traveling across the U.S. and Canada over the next 6 months.  As we travel, we focus on education and outreach – promoting tangible green change.  Our open houses are always open to the public and focus on teaching about sustainable living options – anyone that wants to see our set up and lifestyle should come by.  We have informational signage for each eco/green feature including the waste veggie oil truck.  In addition, we run a DVD during the event which features the before, during and after photos of the remodel. We are also available to discuss our project and answer questions.  We have met many RVers interested in making modifications but we also get homeowners looking to pick up some tricks and ideas too.  We have emailed with Airstreamers from all over the world and have met many of them.  At our recent open house in Boulder, we were lucky enough to meet Jim and Marsha Miller who have been following our journey from the beginning.  This is a real treat.  In June we will meet up with 20+ Airstreamers in Hot Springs, AR.
How far have we traveled? 8,000 miles so far 
How can you get in touch with us?  
Email us at, find us on Twitter @greenrvlife or on our website at  Join the green conversation and drop us a line.  What are you doing to be sustainable?  How are you an agent for change?  We encourage guest bloggers so drop us a line with your story.
Photo Source: On The Road Green