Mehrzeller Caravan 3

My heart is and always will be with Airstream but, I do like to share pretty interesting design with you. I had to take a second and third look at this Glamper because it is so different than any travel trailer I have ever seen. Mehrzeller, an Austrian company, has designed and implemented a multicellular caravan to introduce a new generation of mobile living. What do you think about this uber modern design?

Sterling Concept Reply

Now this is a GLAMPER!! Airstream posted these photos and article on Facebook today. Wanted to share the new “Sterling” Concept Trailer with my fellow bloggers. At first I thought I didn’t care for it, too sleek, too much aluminum. But, the more and more I look at these photos, I’m beginning to appreciate it’s simple, clean design. I have also been told it’s much more spectacular in person!

“Designed by Christopher C. Deam, a San Francisco architect who has been helping Airstream with its interior design for 13 years, it is still a prototype that may or may not be put into production.” Here is the article from The New York Times

Photo source:
Airstream, Inc.