Wanna Take A Peek Inside? 19

My Mother always told me, “You can’t have it all”! For the past couple of months, I felt like “I couldn’t do it all”. With a new role of caregiving for my 84-year-old Mother for the past 4 months, I decided that I truly couldn’t do it all and had to put my priorities first. Mom came first! But, happy to say that all is well on the Mom front and Hub’s and I were able to take a quick first trip of the season after her departure. Wanted to share with you, for my first post about our little Texas trip, some interior pics of our Beatrice. I am in love with my Airstream more than I could ever have imagined. The 188 sq ft is pure bliss for me. On this trip we decided to put the dining table down and use the lounge to really “lounge” in and I relished in the comfort. I hope you enjoy your tour! And many thanks to my readers for being patient with me while on my hiatus to help Mom. I’m back and looking forward to sharing lots of upcoming adventures with you. Oh, and please feel to comment on what you think of our decor! Our Airstream is a 2012, 27′ FB International Signature designed by Christopher C. Deam for Airstream which I have named Beatrice!

This is the entrance into Beatrice stepping up into the lounge

B Interior_2840

Looking towards the kitchen from the front door

B Interior_2848

I am in love with all of my pillows. Hub’s thought I was nutso but, hey ~ I’m a Glamper after all. He certainly didn’t complain when it came time to relax on the lounge. The pillows were purchased from The Brass Bed in Denver. Pillows made by John Robshaw Textiles , Kevin O’Brien Studio and the Mongolian Lamb pillows were purchased at  West Elm. And a big shout out to my friend and fellow Glamper, Monica Bennett from Just 5 More Minutes for sharing her Coscto find with me, the luxurious and cuddly sheepskins! I absolutley am in love with these!

B Interior_2863 B Interior_2862 B Interior_2860

I wanted something fun and playful above the TV. Since I’m a wildlife photographer I thought this Papier-Mâché Animal Sculptures – Silver Deer would add a little whimsy to the room. These sculptures are handmade in Haiti and brought in by West Elm. “As part of our collaboration with Port-au-Prince workshop Carribbean Craft, we worked with artisans in Haiti to create this silver-finish stag. Made from recycled materials, it brings a wild side to walls in the most responsible way.”


B Interior1_2846

I adore Le Creuset and decided the Bea needed to sport a few items from one of my fav’s.  Oil and Vinegar, Salt and Pepper Grinders, Syrup Jar, Mugs, Creamer/Sugar, Cutting Board and Stainless Steel Demi Kettle all from Le Creuset. We also purchased these inexpensive red and black glasses from Ikea.  I love the dishes I purchased from West Elm and will have to get a good photo of them on our next trip. They are an organic shaped white porcelain with silver trim purchased from West Elm.

B Interior_2799 B Interior_2801 B Interior_0972

I found two vintage pieces in Texas and I really adore them both. The small stamp “B” is a sweet reminder of my travels to TX and a funky store called Uncommon Objects. The burgundy painted “b” in my bedroom is a vintage letter from an old store sign. I just had to add a bit of contemporary art in Bea somewhere! “B” was also found in Austin, TX at Uncommon Objects. One of my favorite finds is my bedroom lamps from Design Within Reach. They are the Miss K and are one of my all time lux items for my Glamper.

B Interior_2794 B Interior_2806

All of my bedding was purchased at The Brass Bed and is all John Robshaw including several of the pillows. The one velvet pillow is by Kevin O’Brien Studio and the Mongolian Lamb bolster pillow and orange lacquer box (which I love because it holds my jewelry and other small items) is from West Elm. Not sure I have ever been more comfy in a bed then my Glamper bed. I just melt every time I get to sleep in this luxurious bedding. I know ~ I am a Glamper!

Bea Bedroom_1360 B Interior_2880

Of course, Otis has to have a Glamper water/food bowl. I found this one at Petsmart and really like it. It’s the Doca Pet Dogleg Diner Dog Bowl and is perfect. It has rubber non-skid bottom and is slightly elevated. I found the Bon Chien Dog Treat container at Harry Barker. Shown in the photo below of the pantry.

B Interior_2810

The pantry is still a work in progress. The shelving that we purchased doesn’t work for us so I’m still on the search. However, I really like the containers that we found. The mini spice containers and stainless steel canisters are by Oggi and I purchased them at my favorite kitchen store anywhere: Der Kuchen Laden in Fredericksburg, TX. Call Kathi anytime because they ship all over the country. I’ll write more about this store in a future post. The stainless steel magnetic board is from West Elm and my red kitchen timer by Kikkerland was purchased at Red in Fredericksburg, TX.

B Interior_2898 B Interior_2803

I have always been a fan of Laguiole French knives! So, while researching which knives to purchase for Bea, I also found this divine flatware set. Now, please keep in mind most of the Laguiole flatware sold in the US is the cheaper 15/10 stainless steel. I searched for a couple of months and finally found French Diffusion and they sell the highest quality stainless steel Laguiole 25/10. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to fork (no pun intended!) over the cash for this set. It’s heavy and very well made. Read about the difference between 15/10 and 25/10 here. It does make a huge difference. I would recommend French Diffusion to anyone. Their customer service and products are superb.

Love the shape and quality of my Curtis Stone Stainless-Steel Oil Can. I purchased directly from Curtis Stone but, it’s also available through Williams-Sonoma. And of course, we had to bring from our own kitchen our Bodum coffee press! Luv!

Mostly every other kitchen item in the cutlery drawer is from Der Kuchen Laden. That store has everything you need and don’t need but, want!

B Interior_2791 B Interior_2787 B Interior_2878

I hope you have enjoyed my first tour of Beatrice. There will be more photos and items to share with you in future posts!

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Where Has Beatrice Been? 5


After a very succesful “maiden voyage”, Beatrice has been winterized and is now stored away until 2013 when the real adventures will begin. I will be writing a post very soon about “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” about what we learned on our 1840 mile cross-country tour. Honestly, there were no “ugly” mishaps at all on this trip to speak of.  Stuff happens but, we knew we would be pulling out the Airstream guide-book to figure things out. Here is a map of “Where Beatrice Has Been”. I will keep this map posted on the right hand side of my blog so you can follow along! Looking forward to adding to these maps in the very near future.



Colonial Airstream and My First Tow! 6

The big day came and went! And what a day it was. I had been anxiously anticipating this day for months now! We arrived at Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, NJ late in the afternoon to meet our Beatrice for the first time. It was bone chilling cold but, our Airstream was warm and cozy as the staff at Colonial had her all prepared for us to spend the night. We emptied our SUV with “the pile” of stuff we brought to fill her up. After spending a week in our home kitchen to try to figure out exactly what we use and don’t use, we purchased items for our Airstream that will stay in Beatrice permanently.  After moving in Hub’s made a yummy pasta dinner on our new stove top, we watched a little television and were as snug as a bug in a rug on our first night in our girl. This process made me realize we didn’t just purchase an Airstream, we purchased our second home. We are looking forward to taking our second home to as many states and national parks that we can muster!!

The staff at Colonial Airstream was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and made us “Newbie’s” feel right at home. Lauren and Pat Boticelli sold us the unit and were extremely patient with my non-stop emails with question after question.  Au courant and insightful, both Lauren and Pat made the entire purchase process as smooth as silk even though this was a stressful decision and purchase for us (there is so much to learn about trailers, towing et al.). Kevin Amaro provided us exceptional service during our walk-thru which we appreciated greatly and Brian Hawtin assisted us with parts and went above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied customers. Colonial’s inventory is massive, they provide an amazing buying experience from start to finish. Plus, they have so many wonderful video’s on YouTube ~ everything from assisting you with picking out your favorite model to putting down your awnings.

At 3:30pm on the day of our walk-thru we decided it was time to hit the road. Hub’s handed over the keys to me and I just took the bull by the horn and drove out of the Colonial parking lot. You see, this was my first towing experience. Hub’s and I haven’t towed a thing in our lives. My maiden voyage included 4 toll booths, crossing 2 bridges including the Delaware Memorial Bridge, 5 hours (3 hours in the dark), 3 states and major rush hour traffic. After all the drama of our maiden voyage ~ we’re now hanging with the big boys in the big rigs! Honestly, I was terrified at first and about 2 hours into my voyage, I was just fine and enjoying the ride. So, the adventure begins. “See More, Live More, Do More”!!

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

The Pile and Our Key 12

Well, it’s been a very long week! After 27 hours on the road in two days, we finally arrived in Maryland for a visit with family. Today, however, was the BIG day!! I am sitting in our Beatrice for the first time writing a post. Yippeee!! We’re finally here! After a three-hour drive to Colonial Airstream today, unpacking our car and trying to get all of our “stuff” organized, we’re pretty exhausted. After only being in our Airstream for less than 5 minutes, I had to call my friends Kelly and Steve to ask how to get the bed down after lifting up the platform (it wouldn’t go down). We both felt a little stupid but, Steve and Kelly helped us remedy the situation. Thank you dear friends! I’m sure there will be many more questions to ask the experienced Glampers! Hub’s is now lighting our oven for the first time and is going to pop open a bottle of vino and make us a spaghetti dinner. Phew ~ I’m feeling relieved after so much planning to get to this point. Below are pics of “The Pile”!

Tomorrow is our 9am walk-thru with a Colonial staff member. We’re really looking forward to this walk-thru because we have no clue about all the system or how to tow this 27′ baby! Here are a couple pics of the second we walked into Beatrice. She will evolve over the next couple weeks so more pics will be posted once I get her outfitted.