Den-CO Unit Maintenance Rally 5

We attended our very first rally with our Denver Colorado Unit of the WBCCI (Wally Byam Caravan Club International). 121 members attended this very popular annual rally which was held at the Wellington KOA Campground just north of Ft. Collins, Colorado. There were 51 shiny and beautiful Airstreams representing our local club. In addition to maintenance forums, there was a tamale making afternoon with instruction by Nina and Ray Velasquez, my favorite event ~ “open house” where you tour Airstreams (as long as their door is open!!), happy hours each afternoon, breakfast each morning and dinners shared together each night. It really was a great event to not only learn about new and vintage Airstream maintenance and repair but, to meet fellow ‘Streamer friends.

Our Beatrice (the Big B) in the moonlit evening while we share vino with friends. And one afternoon under some very interesting Colorado skies

CO Rally_3183

CO Rally_2929

My favorite spot was Luke Bernander’s “Barstream” where we enjoyed draft beer each afternoon and evening. Luke owns Luke’s Maintenance and Repair company in Loveland, CO and is a well-respected Airstream repair facility. (970) 222-4065. Luke is not only an exceptional mechanic but, he is a super great guy and always has a smile on his face.

CO Barstream_3154 CO Barstream_3150

CO Barstream_3128 CO Barstream_3111 CO Barstream_3105 CO Barstream_3091 CO Barstream_3089 CO Barstream_3085

Entrance of Wellington KOA and Pavilion

CO Rally_2925 CO Rally_3079

Tamale making afternoon

CO Rally_3297 CO Rally_3290 CO Rally_3282 CO Rally_3277

Maintenance forums

CO Rally_3069 CO Rally_3012

DenCO members having fun mingling during Happy Hours, eating and just plain having fun!

CO Rally_3167 CO Rally_3143 CO Rally_3010 CO Rally_3002 CO Rally_2993 CO Rally_2991 CO Rally_2985 CO Rally_2982 CO Rally_2981 CO Rally_2974 CO Rally_2970 CO Rally_2969 CO Rally_2967

Airstreams, Airstreams and even more Airstreams

CO Rally_3317 CO Rally_3310 CO Rally_2919 CO Rally_3269 CO Rally_3258 CO Rally_3255 CO Rally_3247 CO Rally_3246 CO Rally_3242 CO Rally_3236 CO Rally_3231 CO Rally_3194 CO Rally_3077 CO Rally_3073 CO Rally_3062 CO Rally_3052 CO Rally_3051 CO Rally_3047 CO Rally_3041 CO Rally_3031 CO Rally_3027 CO Rally_3024 CO Rally_3023 CO Rally_3019 CO Rally_3004

CO Sullivan_3213

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography

Elk Meadows Lodge & RV Resort ~ Estes Park, Colorado 10

We spent Father’s Day weekend at Elk Meadows RV Resort in Estes Park, Colorado. The weather was spectacular ~ warm days while the evenings were crisp and cool. Elk Meadows is nicely situated right outside of the town of Estes Park ~ easy mile or so drive into downtown. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and large Safeway for all of your grocery needs.  Elk Meadows has full-hookups, free WiFi, laundry, showers, swimming pool, horseshoes, playground and a hot tub. The staff was very friendly and willing to answer all of our questions. We were in site A17 which we liked very much because it sits right up against the evergreen trees. Site A16 is much wider and is also a very good one along the trees.

Sign from Highway 66 and Office

CO Estes Park_2432 CO Estes Park_2440

In the middle of the RV park, there are few trees as seen below but, all have mountain views. The park is very dusty and the wind gusts creep up on you so beware of your awnings. Will have to do a thorough cleaning of our Beatrice because everything has a coat of pollen and dust. Just can’t be helped.

CO Estes Park_2414 CO Estes Park_2417

Elk Meadows is directly across the street from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park but, you have to drive out of the RV park, down and around to get to the entrance. Very convenient, indeed. Our first morning I looked out my Airstream bedroom window to see a gorgeous Bull Elk with velvet antlers eating his breakfast. It was wonderful to witness but, there was not enough good light for a photo.

CO Estes Park_2449

CO Estes Park_2396

Our site and Otis, of course!

CO Estes Park_2455 CO Estes Park_2383 CO Estes Park_2371 CO Estes Park_2368

We checked out the sister RV park to Elk Meadows which is Spruce Lake RV Park. I wasn’t as impressed with Spruce Lake. The sites are very close together and it’s not up on a hill like Elk Meadows. Since the two RV parks are only within about one mile from each other, I would much prefer to return to Elk Meadows on our next trip to Estes Park.

Other views around Elk Meadows

CO Estes Park_2446 CO Estes Park_2444 CO Estes Park_2438 CO Estes Park_2433 CO Estes Park_2428 CO Estes Park_2426 CO Estes Park_2422 CO Estes Park_2420 CO Estes Park_2410 CO Estes Park_2369

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography

Alumafandango Lakeside 2012 ~ Part 2 13

The inaugural Alumafandango event was held last week at Lakeside Amusement Park near Denver, CO. The event drew approximately 80 Airstreams both new and vintage models from across the county. We met so many wonderful people last week at Alumafandango! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Airstreamers truly are a great bunch of people. No one is a stranger in the Airstream community and these rallies really prove that.

Laura D. invited Hub’s and me to join her and a very fun group at “The Breezeway” for a cocktail and conversation. Loved this gathering place in-between two Airstreams where we met new friends and fellow bloggers: Laura and Kevin from Riveted, Tiffani and Deke from Weaselmouth and Kyle from Where is Kyle Now? Another blogger who isn’t pictured here is Dan and Marlene from Mali Mish. All very fun blogs about travel, adventures, gadgets and more all written from their Airstreams. Worth a peek!!

Shari and Rob D’s immaculate and darling “Birdie” was the highlight of one of my favorite Alumafandango events: “Open House”! Streamers open the doors to their mobile homes for all to step inside, ask lots of questions and take many photos. Thanks to everyone who participated in the open house. My favorite event for sure!!

Various other “Open House” Airstreams at Alumafandango…………………..

Lakeside Amusement Park, during the day when it was very quiet…………

I enjoyed a roundtable seminar lead by Rich Luhr from Man In The Maze on Blogging. Leading the discussion was Where is Kyle Now?, Weaselmouth and Riveted.

Friday evening was the very anticipated “Ride Night” where Alumafandango participants had unlimited classic amusement park ride access. I believe the “Kid” was brought out of many ‘Streamers!!

Future Airstream Rallies:

February 2013 in Tucson, AZ ~ Alumafiesta

June 2013 in Jackson Center, OH ~ Alumapalooza

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Alumafandango Lakeside 2012 ~ Part 1 5

Last week, we attended an amazing Airstream rally at Lakeside Amusement Park near Denver, Colorado called Alumafandango. Sponsored by Airstream Life Magazine and Timeless Travel Trailers, folks arrived in their vintage and new Airstreams traveling from across the country to attend the festivities. For all my non-Airstream followers, rallies are a really big deal in the Airstream community. All over the US, local Airstream clubs host smaller, local rallies throughout the year. The first rally I attended and posted about here in Texas was a great introduction into the Airstream world. But, Alumafandango is more of a National rally. Five full days of fun, sharing, seminars, dinners, contests and more ~ bringing old friends together and almost all participants will drive away having made many new friends alike.

I must admit that I have never met a nicer group of people than Airstreamers. They all share my wanderlust for travel, they are so willing to share information and answer all sorts of “wanna be” questions and then they open their Airstream homes and invite you in to take a peek. Airstreamers like to have fun and fun they had last week in Denver!

Jim and Vicki O’s 1966 Vintage Airstream

Timeless Travel Trailers in Wheat Ridge, CO hosted several tours of their workshop so guests could see current projects and methods of restoring Airstreams and other travel trailers. Here are some of the highlights including Brett Hall, President of Timeless, speaking to the crowd:

Dale “Pee Wee” Schwamborn, Wally Byam’s first cousin once removed, hosted an interesting seminar on Wally’s history and contribution to Airstreaming!

Yvonne Savage of Garden Party lead a seminar about “Landscaping Your Airstream”. Lots of fun items for sale to Glamp-up your Glamper.

Dusty Dog Studio ceramic artist and owner, Corrine Vegter, showcased many of her hand-made, one-of-a-kind Airstream ceramics along with super cool T-shirts and other fun ‘Streaming products.

I fell in love with Judith and Tim S’s ~ 23′ Airstream. Judith is an interior designer from Santa Fe and her Airstream is divine. You can see some of her amazing work at Studio Judith (the 4th photo down was taken by Judith of her Airstream interior seating area).

Various other Airstream sights at Alumafandango. Check back with me tomorrow for Part 2, more photos and more Airstream peeps to introduce you to!

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography