Wenger Camping Lighter ~ Fidis Reply

Even though many of you will be Glamping in your Airstream, one might find this handy device helpful when trying to light an outdoor fire. Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter is the most dependable, durable lighter available.

“Fidis distinguishes itself as a lighter with something extra…a spare fuel tank. The lighter is essentially three parts, a conventional flint and wick lighter, a unique backup fuel tank is connected to the body of the lighter, and a spare compartment where the extra flints are located in the bottom cap. It’s so reliable that it carries its own separately sealed spare fluid reservoir for use when the main compartment eventually evaporates or gets used up. The accessories: flint, burning wick and fuel are easily replaced.” Purchase Fidis here.




Leaf Tie ~ Organize Your Cords 2

Everyone dislikes cords from computers, iPad’s, iPhones and various other devices. They all have chargers and there are cords everywhere! Well, now you can change all of that cord-mania with Leaf Ties from JetPens! I just love how you can organize all of your cords while looking a little more hip and green in your home, office or Airstream with these nifty little gadgets.

“These Leaf Tie cable organizers are a perfect way to add a little nature to your electronic environment. The little zip ties have one or two plastic leaves on the end, making your cord bundles look like branches and giving your cable organization a “green” look. Several colors available.”


Joseph Joseph Reply

I am in complete love with these products. A big shout out goes to Weaselmouth for introducing me to, Joseph Joseph.  Founded in 2003 by twin brothers, Richard and Antony Joseph, Joseph Joseph is internationally recognized for their multi-award-winning designs. Each item is so well thought out it, functional, technically innovative and really pleasing to the eye! This ultimate collection of kitchenware not only saves space, making it sheer perfection for any Airstream, but comes in the most beautiful, bright colors to add sunshine to any kitchen space! I will outfit my Airstream kitchen with Joseph Joseph products ~ imagine the space I will save and the fun I will have cooking with each colorful and fun product. Yippee. I can’t wait!!!


Swanky Storage Reply

Recently I was at the Container Store just checking out each aisle to see what new items I couldn’t live without. It truly is an amazing store and would get even the biggest hoarding offenders organized (well-maybe not true hoarders!).  For your Airstream or your home, you are sure to find what you need to get you Martha Stewart-ized in no time. The Airstream of our dreams, the International Serenity has a very calm feel and Asian inspired theme. I fell instantly in love with these storage containers the second I saw them on the shelves and imagined how perfectly they would fit into the Airstream! I adore the green bamboo leaf motif!!