The Espro Press 1

I can see this new Espro Press in the kitchen of my new Airstream (one day soon!!!).

“The Espro Press is a precision coffee brewer, similar to a french press, but with a patent-pending two-stage micro-filter that preserves all of the freshly brewed flavors and aromas, while keeping sediment out of your cup.” Retail $99 


Dub-Box Camper 1

I know, I know ~ it’s not an Airstream. But, I do appreciate good design and complete cuteness. I think this little camper is so darling and practical. I just had to share. For $22,000 you will get this Retro, handmade camper with double bed, fridge, gas burner stove top, stainless steel sink, aluminum blinds, CD/MP3 player, dock for your iPod/iPhone, your choice of upholstery, two tone paint job and so much more.

Can I say Glamper?

To see the interior and various other photos, click here