Otis 2

I am proud to introduce my new boy, Otis! He is a rescue from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue where I volunteer. Otis was a stray and they think he is about 4 years old. His new birthday is the day I adopted him, January 21, 2013. I just adore this sweet boy. My journey after losing my dear Milo was a long 3 1/2 years but, Otis came into my life and I am thrilled. I am also looking forward to Otis traveling in the Airstream. I hit the doggie jackpot when I found my new boy.


CO Grand Lake_2526 CO Grand Lake_2570 CO Grand Lake_2594

TX Pecan_2591

TX Park_1662 TX Park_1669 TX Park_1673 TX Park_1678 TX Park_1684 TX Park_1686 TX Park_1696 TX Park_1699 TX Park_1703

O_DSC0936 O_DSC0932 O_DSC0939

Otis_0316 Otis_0327 Otis_0385 Otis_0410 Otis_0431 Otis_0483

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. What a charming boy you have there! Precious to a T- we love rescues- have 3 rescue Doxies that airstream along with us- its a blast!!

    • Thanks so much, Beverly!!! We adopted Otis on January 21st and just adore him. He makes us laugh and is a true love! Cheers!

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