Cricket Trailer Reply

In the Airstream world, there are Airstreams and then there are SOB’s (a.k.a. Some Other Brand).  It’s fun to discover new and innovative SOB’s as my niece, Meg Haywood-Sullivan shared with me on Facebook yesterday. Cricket Trailer is a lightweight, economical trailer that comes in two models ~ V-Berth and Folding Couch. The Cricket would be a copacetic weekend getaway trailer for the adventure seeker and towing is uber easy. Garrett Finney, founder of Cricket, combined his work with NASA on the International Space Station and his love for the great outdoors and came up with a flexible small trailer that he could travel with his family and explore the world. Enter, Cricket Trailer!

Mehrzeller Caravan 3

My heart is and always will be with Airstream but, I do like to share pretty interesting design with you. I had to take a second and third look at this Glamper because it is so different than any travel trailer I have ever seen. Mehrzeller, an Austrian company, has designed and implemented a multicellular caravan to introduce a new generation of mobile living. What do you think about this uber modern design?