Bowlus Road Chief Reply

The announcement of the new 2013 Bowlus Road Chief has spread like wildfire over the internet. Many of my fellow Airstream bloggers have already shared this unique story! I felt the need to also share its sleek lines, fine interior craftsmanship and easy towability with my Glampers. A bit of history: In 1926 Hawley Bowlus built Charles Lindbergh’s airplane, “Spirit of  St. Louis”.  In 1934 he introduced and produced only 80 Bowlus Road Chief travel trailers before going back to building aircraft.  Todays Bowlus is longer, taller and wider than the originals. And at only 2,000 lbs it can be towed by virtually any vehicle. The Bowlus is a classic American travel trailer worth taking a look at. The Bowlus is indeed “rolling art“!


“Way back in 1934, Hawley Bowlus, the inventor of the original Bowlus Road Chief, knew that the best way to build a light and strong travel trailer was to emulate aircraft design. He took aircraft-grade aluminum sheets and riveted them together over a lightweight skeleton to form a single, tight, and incredibly durable monocoque structure.” More history and photos can be found on the Bowlus website.

My friends at Mali Mish shared this link with me this morning. The restored 1935 Bowlus owned by John Long. It’s restored to perfection.  A must see!

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Photo source: Bowlus Road Chief

Dreamy Pop-Up Glamper ~ Opera Reply

My oh my!! This is one cutie pie pop-up camper! For anyone who finds themselves not interested in towing a fifth wheel, Airstream or other heavier travel trailer, Opera is for you, my friends! The Opera is manufactured by the Netherlands-based Your Suite in Nature (YSIN) and was designed after the Sydney Opera House. This compact beauty has it all~gorgeous design, functionality and ease of transport. Luxurious details of Opera include: stunning teak deck, two electrically adjustable beds that can turn into one, hot air heating, the boiler (8 gallon water tank) supplies warm water to the kitchen, fountain and the exterior shower, ceramic toilet, 9.5 gallon top loading refrigerator, low-energy LED lighting from awning to floor, two cupboards, and a wine storage cabinet as well as baggage and clothing storage.

The Opera is about 1,350 kg (2,973 lbs.) and is available in three color schemes. It’s being sold in Europe and Australia for approximately €27,680 ($36,152) and the company is looking for additional international sellers.


Photo source: Opera~YSIN

The Shady Dell in Sunny Arizona 1

Today we virtually visit Bisbee, Arizona at another Airstream/Vintage trailer park, The Shady Dell where “Mid-century Modernism is alive and well”.  There are eleven vintage trailers to choose from for your 1950’s experience! Since 1927, The Shady Dell has been welcoming travelers who are looking for family getaways and exploration. Located on Route 80, the brother to the famous Route 66, it’s the perfect location to stop for either full RV hookups or to rent one of the funky, retro trailers. Don’t forget to eat at Dot’s Diner which is only steps from your trailer. Take a step back in time and have a ball!