BleuRoo Reusable Sandwich Bags ~ A Favorite Thing 6

Last month while staying outside of Jackson Hole in one of my favorite tiny towns ~ Wilson, Wyoming, we frequented the Aspens Market: Grocer, Butcher, Deli. I adore small towns and I migrate towards small town “Mom & Pop” stores. While shopping for ingredients for our dinner menu, I discovered the cutest little reusable sandwich bags. I had to buy two for our backpacks since we always pack a lunch.

There is nothing I love more than hand-made items and better yet ~ when they are made in the USA and I can buy them in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, well then ~ my heart just sings!

I found out these little embroidered cloth bags are made by owner and work-at-home Mom ~ Amanda of The cloth bag is 100% unbleached cotton while the liner is water and stain resistant nylon. You have to check out BleuRoo’s adorable Etsy shop where Amanda sells many different styles of this reusable sandwich/snack bag along with cloth napkins and lunch totes, all personalized if you wish. So darn cute, you have to have one or two, don’t you?!!

Photo Source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Retro Kitchen Timer ~ A Favorite Thing 1

I really enjoy sharing some of my favorite things with you! I just love this retro kitchen timer by Kikkerland. After reading many reviews on this particular item, I was a bit scared off. So, I asked two ‘Streamers whom I knew owned one, Monica B. from Just 5 More Minutes and Laura D. from Riveted. What I realized after getting rave reviews from my friends is that if you don’t wind the timer all the way around first, the timer won’t work hence some less favorable reviews. Think of it as winding a clock ~ you simply turn the silver rim of the timer clockwise all the way around then go back counter-clockwise to set to your desired time. It works perfectly ever time. I purchased my “Red” Kikkerland Kitchen Timer in Fredericksburg, Texas at Red which is a very hip and retro store worthy of checking out. Or you can purchase it here. The timer comes in several cool colors. Enjoy!

Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ Reply

When I saw this indoor BBQ on-line I immediately thought of all the RV’ers, Airstreamers and apartment dwellers out there wanting an easier way to grill foods. How fantastic and easy it will be to get that wonderful smoked BBQ flavor and not even leave your indoor kitchen. An uber creative design by Joshua Brassé , Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ uses a gas or electric stove cooking element to heat up a bed of lava rocks, giving you the convenience of an outdoor BBQ indoors. All for $225. How divine!

“The Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ is a radical leap forward for apartment-bound chefs or those burdened with the pains of winter.
The Element is a smokeless cooking system that uses a gas or electric stove element to heat lava rocks, creating the delicious BBQ flavor we’ve all grown to love. We like to think of it as a triumph for the modern man, bringing all the flavor and fun of a traditional BBQ to the convenience of your stove top. The adjustable grill height and removable handle allows you to have complete control throughout the cooking experience. With a specific section for catching and removing grease, it is easily cleaned and can be stored right beside the rest of your cookware. Free of costly propane and charcoal refills, it provides the full-flavor and healthy cooking experience of an outdoor BBQ within the comforts your own kitchen – a must-have for the urban man with a hearty meat tooth.”

Quote and photo source: Ideacious

Wenger Camping Lighter ~ Fidis Reply

Even though many of you will be Glamping in your Airstream, one might find this handy device helpful when trying to light an outdoor fire. Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter is the most dependable, durable lighter available.

“Fidis distinguishes itself as a lighter with something extra…a spare fuel tank. The lighter is essentially three parts, a conventional flint and wick lighter, a unique backup fuel tank is connected to the body of the lighter, and a spare compartment where the extra flints are located in the bottom cap. It’s so reliable that it carries its own separately sealed spare fluid reservoir for use when the main compartment eventually evaporates or gets used up. The accessories: flint, burning wick and fuel are easily replaced.” Purchase Fidis here.