Denver to Amarillo 3

I was counting down the days till my first trip of the season. After all,  since our maiden voyage last November from NJ to Denver, Beatrice has been in storage. Although this first trip was a short one yet very much-anticipated, there ended up being an interesting beginning to our adventure. The day we were to get our Airstream out of storage and in for “de-winterizing”, Denver got dumped with almost a foot of fresh fluffy snow and the temps dropped below 20 degrees. Took us a couple of days to find a clear day to get out of dodge but, finally escaped the clinches of Old Man Winter and our Texas adventure was well on its way. Destination: Fredericksburg, TX via Amarillo! We had to break the trip up because the state of Texas is so darn big! Our first stop was Amarillo. But, I’m jumping ahead as there were many miles prior to getting to our first evenings destination. The drive south on I-25 from Denver to the New Mexico border is quiet lovely. The Spanish Peaks are breathtaking in Southern Colorado. Decided to not make any unnecessary stops for yours truly to get out and take pics along the way. The trip would have taken us weeks if I had. So, I opted for some photos straight from my office seat! We were lucky as we didn’t encounter any inclement weather or snow en route to Texas. First hurdle was to get over Raton (which means mouse in Spanish) Pass which has an elevation of 7,834 ft. The drive over the pass was spectacular crossing The Big B from Colorado into New Mexico.

NM_0816 NM_0825

Then on to Raton, New Mexico


Through Clayton, New Mexico

Clayton_0839 Clayton_0851 Clayton_0855

Finally made it into the great state of Texas! Yee Haw!!


My office during the trip


And some shots from the passenger seat of the long stretch towards Amarillo

TX_0873 TX_0881 TX_0894 TX_0930 TX_0946


Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Guest Post ~ Yellowstone Under Canvas Reply

Glamping is a way of life, it’s an attitude! Glamping is defined as “Glamorous camping. Satisfying your craving for the outdoors and your penchant for a good meal, nice glass of wine, and a comfortable bed”.  You can glamp in an Airstream or you can glamp in a luxurious safari tent while feeling like you have just stepped onto the movie set of “Out of Africa”! Welcome Yellowstone Under Canvas, an uber glamorous glamping experience! Imagine the serenity and overall peace while sleeping under the stars in West Yellowstone. Dine in the Bar N Restaurant, raft the Gallatin River or try your hand at fly fishing in the Yellowstone River. Bonus, you can park your Airstream on property while Glamping in one of Yellowstone Under Canvas’ cozy tents or tipi’s. I have just added Yellowstone Under Canvas to my bucket list, for sure!!!


“There’s something unique about life under canvas. Under a canvas canopy, space is light and open. The barrier between interior and exterior feels less definitive. As a result, the possibilities to arrange the space become as infinite as the landscape backdrop. With the Under Canvas experience, glamorous tipis and safari tents can fit seamlessly into the scenery or stand as a tent village, striking against the sky.


Sage Safaris was started by a husband and wife team and now includes two branches: the Yellowstone Under Canvas luxury camp on the edge of Yellowstone National Park, and Under Canvas Events which brings the glamping experience to weddings, corporate retreats and festivals all around the US and in some parts of Canada.

Yellowstone Under Canvas - IAN Q ROWAN Photography (8 of 8)

On the Under Canvas Events side of things, weekend glamping weddings are a rising trend. Especially in destination locales like here in Southwest Montana, (and I’ve heard, coastal California and the Pacific Northwest), brides and grooms are crafting weddings that double as a weekend vacation for their guests. What’s the best way to keep the party going and allow your guests to thoroughly experience a fishing, hiking, outdoor mecca where your event is located? Host your guests right on site, glamping in shelters that are luxurious and connect party goers with the great expanse of landscape around them. Our tents have been used for accommodations, lounge spaces or large gathering areas – topped off with the indulgences of atmospheric central fires, wood stoves, rolltop baths, and hot water showers. You won’t find luxury tents like ours anywhere in the U.S.

Yellowstone Under Canvas - IAN Q ROWAN Photography (2 of 8)

The Yellowstone Under Canvas luxury camp in Yellowstone is one possible glamping experience we can bring to your own event. The luxury camp is located 10 min from the western entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and about 35 min from Old Faithful geyser. And, yes! you are welcome to park your RV or airstream in the parking lot as you rejuvenate your road weary self with some decadent safari tent or tipi glamping.

texas 311

Made up of 35 tents, Yellowstone Under Canvas can accommodate about 130 people at one time. We share the site with the Bar ‘N Ranch restaurant that offers fine dining for breakfast and dinner. Guests can then special order picnic lunches or a sundowners, drinks and appetizers alongside the river, from us or find lunch in nearby W Yellowstone. We offer honeymoon and active family packages and can help you book activities including national park, guided hiking, horseback riding, fly-fishing or ATV tours. Kayaks and stand up paddle boards can now be rented at camp. Imagine stepping from the door of your tent right onto the river. Our team is here to help you organize the most memorable vacation with all the highlights of the Yellowstone region.

texas 223

Our tipis and deluxe safari tents complete the glamping experience. Tipi bathrooms are a decadent experience in themselves with all the amenities mentioned above, plus ceramic flush toilets and spa products. If you have kids, tipis that sleep 4 can always be added adjacent to your safari tent.


Brand new this summer we will have 3 Deluxe Suites. This means: soaking in a rolltop bath on the edge of Yellowstone National Park, with an internal bathroom, wood stove, lounge area and bedroom all connected in a secluded location. You could come to the National Park and stay in a hotel, but would be missing half the experience. Yellowstone Under Canvas offers all the amenities and services of a hotel, with a much lower environmental impact and a unique community feel. Nightly campfires offer guests an opportunity to tell stories of their day and connect with each other and our staff. This summer we will add a unique tipi marquee space, available to be rented out by groups for reunions, corporate retreats and such.


This is a new style of luxury accommodation. The wildlife and places that you’ll encounter in the Yellowstone region are remarkable, and there is something special about the space created by canvas –you just have to feel it. At Yellowstone Under Canvas you feel connected to the majesty outdoors. It’s almost a juxtaposition. Who would have envisioned such luxury in one of the most gorgeous expanses of National Park and wild west backcountry.


We are now taking Yellowstone Under Canvas reservations for 2013, as well as wedding and event bookings for Under Canvas Events. Please do not hesitate to visit our websites: and or call us at 406.219.0441 for more information. We look forward to helping you organize your Yellowstone travels or bringing the Under Canvas glamping experience to your next event!”

DSC_7232 DSC_7105 DSC_3933


Photo source: Yellowstone Under Canvas

National Western Stock Show ~ Celebrating 107 Years! 5


January is a very special month in Denver. With frigid temps and snow covered peaks, Cowboys and Cowgirls from all over the state and beyond come together to celebrate the National Western Stock Show. For two weeks each January, the National Western showcases the best of the west including: Pro Rodeo, PBR, Draft Horses, Dancing Horses, Grand Prix, Wild West Show, Super Dogs, Mutton Bustin’, Coors Western Art Show & Sale and so much more! Below is a selection of my photographs of bull riders,  bareback riders, saddle bronc riders, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping, woman’s barrel racing and the Westernaires! This was my first attempt at photographing the Pro Rodeo and PBR. To enlarge, click on the photo. I welcome your comments!

Pro Rodeo

Rodeo_DSC0332 Rodeo_DSC0053 Rodeo_DSC9394 Rodeo_DSC9956 Rodeo_DSC9696 Rodeo_DSC9575 Rodeo_DSC9538 Rodeo_DSC9485 Rodeo_DSC9346


“See how the National Western Stock Show has changed over the years by browsing our timeline from 1899 to 2010. Here are some excerpts”

First show opened on Monday January 29 and ran for six days. Attendance was estimated at 15,000 and the Grand Champion steer sold for 33 cents a pound, 23 cents over the market price!
The 25th National Western presented the first Rodeo in conjunction with the Livestock and Horse Show.
The Westernaires made their first appearance at the Rodeo.
The show increased to 12 days and included 21 Rodeo performances. A still-standing record of $301,000 was paid at auction for a Hereford bull.
National Western celebrates its 100th anniversary! The show’s attendance reached 726,972 for the 16-day show and the grand champion steer   sold for $75,000 or $58 per pound!

Rodeo_DSC9999 Rodeo_DSC9989 Rodeo_DSC9914 Rodeo_DSC0004 Rodeo_DSC9907 Rodeo_DSC9902 Rodeo_DSC9775 Rodeo_DSC9771 Rodeo_DSC9746 Rodeo_DSC9673 Rodeo_DSC9668 Rodeo_DSC9666 Rodeo_DSC9655 Rodeo_DSC9594 Rodeo_DSC9573 Rodeo_DSC9570 Rodeo_DSC9557 Rodeo_DSC9553 Rodeo_DSC9543 Rodeo_DSC9541 Rodeo_DSC9533 Rodeo_DSC9525 Rodeo_DSC9506 Rodeo_DSC9505 Rodeo_DSC9493 Rodeo_DSC9479 Rodeo_DSC9465 Rodeo_DSC9458 Rodeo_DSC9449 Rodeo_DSC9436 Rodeo_DSC9426 Rodeo_DSC9390 Rodeo_DSC9376 Rodeo_DSC9361 Rodeo_DSC9349 Rodeo_DSC9347 Rodeo_DSC9343 Rodeo_DSC9341 Rodeo_DSC0552 Rodeo_DSC0410 Rodeo_DSC0396 Rodeo_DSC0351 Rodeo_DSC0265 Rodeo_DSC0129 Rodeo_DSC0118 Rodeo_DSC0115 Rodeo_DSC0097 Rodeo_DSC0072 Rodeo_DSC0040 Rodeo_DSC0028 Rodeo_DSC0018

PBR Bull Riding

PBR_copyrightDSC8511 PBR_copyrightDSC8640 PBR_copyrightDSC8782 PBR_copyrightDSC8976 PBR_copyrightDSC9027 PBR_copyrightDSC9160 PBR_DSC8304 PBR_DSC8424 PBR_DSC8427 PBR_DSC8429 PBR_DSC8442 PBR_DSC8462 PBR_DSC8470 PBR_DSC8478 PBR_DSC8509 PBR_DSC8589 PBR_DSC8778 PBR_DSC8811 PBR_DSC8893 PBR_DSC8907 PBR_DSC8936 PBR_DSC9001 PBR_DSC9017 PBR_DSC9026 PBR_DSC9034 PBR_DSC9052 PBR_DSC9108 PBR_DSC9122 PBR_DSC9153 PBR_DSC9160 PBR_DSC9190 PBR_DSC9201 PBR_DSC9258 PBR_DSC9321

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

PBR_copyrightDSC8107 PBR_copyrightDSC8072

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Where Has Beatrice Been? 5


After a very succesful “maiden voyage”, Beatrice has been winterized and is now stored away until 2013 when the real adventures will begin. I will be writing a post very soon about “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” about what we learned on our 1840 mile cross-country tour. Honestly, there were no “ugly” mishaps at all on this trip to speak of.  Stuff happens but, we knew we would be pulling out the Airstream guide-book to figure things out. Here is a map of “Where Beatrice Has Been”. I will keep this map posted on the right hand side of my blog so you can follow along! Looking forward to adding to these maps in the very near future.