Favorite Places in Fredericksburg, Texas 4

Wanted to share in this quick post some of our favorite spots in Fredericksburg, Texas. I have previously written about two of our fav’s including Woerner Warehouse and Hill Top Cafe. Friends ask why we keep returning to F’burg and I always tell them it’s a quaint and charming town with southern hospitality and we’ve made life long friends here.

Der Kuchen Laden is my favorite kitchen store. Kathy Lopez has been assisting us with all of our Airstream kitchen needs and some fun items for our home kitchen for the past several trips to F’burg. The staff at Der Kuchen Laden is knowledgeable, honest and just all around great folks. The store is in the historic Keidel Memorial Hospital building which makes your shopping experience that much more interesting. Shopping here is fun!!! Stop by on your next trip to town.

TX Fburg_1564 TX Fburg_1567 TX Fburg_1571 TX Fburg_1582 TX Fburg_1590 TX Fburg_1593

Vaudeville is one of those “finds” that not many tourists know about. Housed in a historic limestone building on Main Street, upstairs you’ll find an Art Gallery, Giftware and Home Accessories and downstairs the divine French Style Bistro, Wine Cellar and Gourmet Delicatessen. The shopping is impressive and the food is tres magnifique!

TX Fburg_1029 TX Fburg_1035 TX Fburg_1036

InSight Gallery is one of my favorite art galleries. Only 3 short years ago, Meredith and David Plesko founded the gallery which has grown into one of the nations finest art galleries. Stop by to browse the amazing collections of western, landscape, figurative, impressionistic, still life and wildlife art.

TX Fburg_1007 TX Fburg_1001 TX Fburg_1000 TX Fbrug_0997

Dogologie has everything you need for your special four-legged fur kid!  Staff is wonderful and they really enjoy when your pooch comes for a visit. Located on Main Street in downtown F’burg.

TX_1365 TX_1367 TX_1372

Hondo’s is a locals gathering spot for food, drink and Texas music! I like to sit back, sip on the BEST jalapeno margarita you’ve ever tasted and watch the couples two-step to some great down-home Texas style music.

TX Fburg_1147 TX Fburg_1172 TX Fburg_1174 TX Fburg_1185 TX Fburg_1203

Bejas Grill & Cantina serves up some great Tex-Mex right on Main Street. They have a comfortable outdoor patio where we enjoy people watching. My favorite dish is the Grilled Shrimp Tacos and a margarita, of course!

TX Fburg_1270 TX Fburg_1275

Photos from around town in downtown Fredericksburg, Texas

TX Fburg_1054 TX Fburg_1049 TX Fburg_1048 TX Fburg_1047 TX Fburg_1026 TX Fburg_1019 TX Fburg_1014 TX Fburg_1011 TX Fburg_1010 TX Fbrug_1023

I discovered Smitten on this last trip to F’burg. It’s located in a small cottage just a couple blocks off Main Street on East Auguste Street. Each room of Smitten is filled with unique finds and treasures. It’s a fun place to shop and the staff offers up the Southern hospitality that you become accustomed to in the  Texas Hill Country. Enjoy!

Smitten_1395 Smitten_1394 Smitten_1392 Smitten_1389 Smitten_1388 Smitten_1386 Smitten_1384 Smitten_1379 Smitten_1378 Smitten_1376

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Hill Top Cafe ~ Fredericksburg, Texas 2

TX Hilltop_1498

Searching out local hangouts, dives and good eats is a part of traveling that I adore. And I found a winner just ten miles north of downtown Fredericksburg, TX ~ Hill Top Cafe. Not only are you going to experience the totally quirky and “garage style” decor of Hill Top but, the food is exceptional and the music is just as satisfying. Founded in 1980 by bluesman Johnny Nicholas and his wife Brenda, their love of good food and music brought a new dimension to the Texas Hill Country. “Inconveniently located in the middle of nowhere…” You can feel the sense of community when you walk in the front door of the converted gas station and roadhouse. Everyone is family at Hill Top and friends gather to experience the sumptuous food and fantastic Texas music. “Johnny and Brenda both believe that anyone who shares their passions for all things real is part of the family. You are more than welcome, ‘cause like the old saying goes: “If you grin, you’re in!”

The interior of Hill Top is “over-the-top” fun

TX Fburg_1134 TX Fburg_1135 TX Fburg_1121

You won’t get bored looking at all the vintage paraphernalia that not only surrounds the walls but, look up at the ceiling!

TX Fburg_1132

Main Dining Room and Cavern Dining Area

TX Fburg_1078 TX Fburg_1093

Music during dinner in the Main Dining Room

TX Fburg_1076

Our dinner included divine short rib appetizer, local favorite fried shrimp, daily special pork loin and pie for dessert. Oh, and don’t forget my Margarita!!

TX Fburg_1119 TX Fburg_1111 TX Fburg_1102 TX Fburg_1096 TX Fburg_1128

Reservations are a must at Hill Top. As you can see, it’s a very popular restaurant!

TX Fburg_1137

Exterior shots of Hill Top and “Hunters Welcome”!!

TX Hilltop_1505 TX Hilltop_1504 TX Hilltop_1501

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Woerner Warehouse 4

One of my favorite pastimes is meeting new people. I especially love meeting new peeps in small towns. Not sure why small town folks are so special to me, but they are. And when I travel to these small towns to meet the locals, I always search out the best local “eats”. There is nothing I can’t stand more than to pay for bad food, even if it’s cheap. I prefer dining in local “dives” even more than a fancy, white table-cloth establishment. So, on my recent trip to the Texas Hill Country, I discovered my new favorite find for breakfast and lunch in charming Fredericksburg, Texas. Thanks to my dear friend Deborah Harrington, a talented and accomplished artist, for sharing her local favorite morning spot, Woerner Warehouse with me. Located just off the main drag in downtown Fredericksburg at 305 South Lincoln St., Woerners offers not only an amazing breakfast but, fresh baked goodies, breads, coffee, lunch and you can still stop by to pickup some hardware supplies. It’s not fancy nor expensive but, the food and atmosphere is steller. You won’t be dissappointed, I promise! Woerner Warehouse was established in 1928 and was the local feed and hardware store. Now it’s a fun, casual spot for locals to share a cup of java and catch up on the local gossip. A must try the next time you are in Fredericksburg.

TX Fburg_1513 TX Fburg_1515 TX Fburg_1525 TX Fburg_1534 TX Fburg_1535 TX Fburg_1538 TX Fburg_1540 TX Fburg_1542 TX Fburg_1547 TX Fburg_1549 TX Fburg_1553 TX Fburg_1557 TX Fburg_1558 TX Fburg_1560 TX Fburg_1562 TX Furg_1170 TX Furg_1517

TX Fburg_1168

TX Fburg_1174

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

Cadillac Ranch 4

Our stop in Amarillo, TX was merely to spend the night and move on out the next morning! But, I had to see the famous Cadillac Ranch. If you are ever in Amarillo, follow I-4o and take exit 62. You’ll see the large field that is the home to the wild and crazy Cadillac Ranch. Worth a visit for sure.

From Wikipedia: Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas, U.S. It was created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who were a part of the art group Ant Farm, and it consists of what were (when originally installed during 1974) either older running used or junk Cadillac automobiles, representing a number of evolutions of the car line (most notably the birth and death of the defining feature of mid twentieth century Cadillacs; the tailfins) from 1949 to 1963, half-buried nose-first in the ground, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

TX Cadillac_2609 TX Cadillac_2611 TX Cadillac_2619 TX Cadillac_2627 TX Cadillac_2637 TX Cadillac_2646 TX Cadillac_2648 TX Cadillac_2649 TX Cadillac_2656 TX Cadillac_2659 TX Cadillac_2664 TX Cadillac_2670 TX Cadillac_2676 TX Cadillac_2691

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography