About 9

Anna4Anna Sullivan

Travel and wildlife/nature photography is my passion. What better way to live both dreams than in the American iconic treasure, the Airstream Travel Trailer! I am the proud owner of a 2012, 27′ FB International Signature Airstream.

Growing up in Maryland with 8 siblings and nurturing, loving parents, I was introduced to the worlds of art, music, photography, cooking and adventure. After crewing on private yachts for many years, spending my summers in the Mediterranean and winters down-Island, I was innately drawn to the life of travel, exploration and hard work. I moved out West in ’97 and I have never looked back.

Photography brings me immense joy. It drives me to be out in nature despite adverse conditions. I am always seeking beautiful places and it has opened my life to experience complete happiness and peace.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Photo collection

WY Yellowstone_8769Anna1Anna WY_1415

Anna and Otis CO RMNP_2880



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