Yellowstone National Park 3

Yellowstone National Park is truly a magical place. The park was established in 1872 as our nation’s first national park. Consisting of 3,472 square miles and situated on 2,221,766 acres, Yellowstone is located in Wyoming (96%), Montana (3%) and Idaho (1%). Yellowstone has the worlds largest collection of geysers with approximately 300 and over 10,000 thermal features.

We drove about 100 miles per day in search of wildlife and flora. I hope you enjoy this short post of the written word to enjoy the beauty that I have desperately tried to capture with my lens. Feel free to ask me any questions about what you see or would like to learn about a trip to Yellowstone. If you haven’t been ~ it’s a must experience “Bucket List” destination.

Bison are plentiful in Yellowstone and can be viewed throughout the park especially in the Hayden Valley and Lamar Valley.

WY Yellowstone Bison_8806 WY Yellowstone Bison_0924 WY Yellowstone _0738 WY Yellowstone Bison_8928 WY Yellowstone_0816 WY Yellowstone_0901 WY Yellowstone_0961

I spotted this coyote near Blacktail Pond heading towards Mammoth Hot Springs

WY Yellowstone_8813 WY Yellowstone_8818

Early morning in the Hayden Valley just past sunrise along the Yellowstone River

WY Yellowstone_9412 WY Yellowstone_9381 WY Yellowstone_4102

Grizzly Boar I followed for a couple of hours along the Yellowstone River near Steamboat Point. This image was taken at dusk and there was no light to speak of. Sometimes I find it’s not about a photograph,. Sometimes you just have to soak in the experience and that is what I did while viewing this amazing mammal.

WY Yellowstone_9687

Pronghorn Buck in the Lamar Valley just past Slough Creek

WY Yellowstone Pronghorn_0442

Early evening and sunset along the Yellowstone Lake near Mary Bay

WY Yellowstone_9487 WY Yellowstone_4163 WY Yellowstone_4153

Otis having the time of his life in the Yellowstone Lake with a stick. He was in dog heaven!

WY Yellowstone Otis_9959 WY Yellowstone Otis_9890

One of my favorite spots is Lake Butte Overlook. An über peaceful spot to catch a glorious sunset and gaze over the Yellowstone Lake and valley below.

WY Yellowstone_9483

Photo Source: © 2013 Anna Sullivan Photography, Copyright All Rights Reserved