Downtown Austin 2

Since posting yesterday about SoCo in Austin, Texas ~ thought it appropriate to finish up my Texas trip with a short post about downtown Austin. Austin is the capital city of Texas. It’s also the 11th most populous city in the US. It’s vibrant downtown scene is comprised of amazing restaurants and music venues all over town.  Austin is the annual host of South by Southwest (SXSW) one of the largest music festivals in the country. Now you can see how Austin got its name “Live Music Capital of the World”. You can’t get bored in Austin, there is always a concert, festival, art show and so much more to see, hear and do. I really dig this city.

TX Downtown_2429

TX  Downtown_1307

TX Austin_1301 TX Austin_1746 TX Austin_2377

State Capitol of Texas ~ second largest state capital in the US behind Phoenix. Located just 4 blocks south of the University of Texas, the building is surrounded by 17 monuments on 22 gorgeous acres. Well worth a visit.

TX Downtown_2424 TX Downtown_2410 TX Downtown_2394 TX Downtown_2386 TX Downtown_2426

The University of Texas at Austin ~ founded in 1883 and now has over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students. “U.T.” ~ home of the Longhorns!

TX U of TX_2416

Whole Foods Market ~ flagship store for the past 30 years. Largest Whole Foods at 80,000 sq ft. This store is unbelievable and we shop here almost daily when we’re in Austin. Shopping experience not to miss while visiting this hip town.

TX Downtown_2436

Zilker Metropolitan Park is located off Barton Springs Road (Pecan Grove RV Park is also on Barton Springs Rd!!) with 350 gorgeous acres. It’s a quick walk from Pecan Grove and around the corner from downtown Austin. We ran Otis at Zilker twice a day and I ran the miles of trails that are available for all to enjoy. You have to visit Zilker Park when you’re in Austin. It’s a peaceful park to hang out and do just about anything. I can’t wait to return and will be spending each day at Zilker.

TX Zilker_2130 TX Zilker_2149 TX Otis_2358 TX Otis_2332

We decided we didn’t much care for the laundry facility at Pecan Grove RV Park so we decided to hightail it to SpinCycle Coin Laundry “Keeping Austin Clean”. We got the job done!! One of the less glamorous tasks of RV’ing!

TX Laundry_1744 TX Laundry_1742 TX Laundry_1738 TX Laundry_1737

Our camp site at Pecan Grove RV Park in downtown Austin. We really enjoyed our stay at Pecan Grove and you can see more photos and read about it in my previous blog post!

TX_1975 TX Pecan_2591

TX Austin_2506

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography


    • Hi Geri, you should go to Pecan Grove, it’s so fun and you’re right downtown!!! How fun you live so close to Austin. Hope you are having a wonderful summer! Stay cool. Cheers!!! Anna

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