Downtown Austin 2

Since posting yesterday about SoCo in Austin, Texas ~ thought it appropriate to finish up my Texas trip with a short post about downtown Austin. Austin is the capital city of Texas. It’s also the 11th most populous city in the US. It’s vibrant downtown scene is comprised of amazing restaurants and music venues all over town.  Austin is the annual host of South by Southwest (SXSW) one of the largest music festivals in the country. Now you can see how Austin got its name “Live Music Capital of the World”. You can’t get bored in Austin, there is always a concert, festival, art show and so much more to see, hear and do. I really dig this city.

TX Downtown_2429

TX  Downtown_1307

TX Austin_1301 TX Austin_1746 TX Austin_2377

State Capitol of Texas ~ second largest state capital in the US behind Phoenix. Located just 4 blocks south of the University of Texas, the building is surrounded by 17 monuments on 22 gorgeous acres. Well worth a visit.

TX Downtown_2424 TX Downtown_2410 TX Downtown_2394 TX Downtown_2386 TX Downtown_2426

The University of Texas at Austin ~ founded in 1883 and now has over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students. “U.T.” ~ home of the Longhorns!

TX U of TX_2416

Whole Foods Market ~ flagship store for the past 30 years. Largest Whole Foods at 80,000 sq ft. This store is unbelievable and we shop here almost daily when we’re in Austin. Shopping experience not to miss while visiting this hip town.

TX Downtown_2436

Zilker Metropolitan Park is located off Barton Springs Road (Pecan Grove RV Park is also on Barton Springs Rd!!) with 350 gorgeous acres. It’s a quick walk from Pecan Grove and around the corner from downtown Austin. We ran Otis at Zilker twice a day and I ran the miles of trails that are available for all to enjoy. You have to visit Zilker Park when you’re in Austin. It’s a peaceful park to hang out and do just about anything. I can’t wait to return and will be spending each day at Zilker.

TX Zilker_2130 TX Zilker_2149 TX Otis_2358 TX Otis_2332

We decided we didn’t much care for the laundry facility at Pecan Grove RV Park so we decided to hightail it to SpinCycle Coin Laundry “Keeping Austin Clean”. We got the job done!! One of the less glamorous tasks of RV’ing!

TX Laundry_1744 TX Laundry_1742 TX Laundry_1738 TX Laundry_1737

Our camp site at Pecan Grove RV Park in downtown Austin. We really enjoyed our stay at Pecan Grove and you can see more photos and read about it in my previous blog post!

TX_1975 TX Pecan_2591

TX Austin_2506

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography

SoCo 8

Let me just put it out there right from the start, Austin, Texas is one cool town and I just love being there. Even though it’s pretty way out and I mean in a seriously weird way ~ it’s the most chill town I think I have ever been too. My favorite part of Austin is SoCo. South Congress leads directly into downtown Austin ending at the state capitol. With funky, eclectic shops, hip restaurants, Airstream and other food trucks and so much more, SoCo is sure to please even the most conservative minds. Did I mention the music scene? The music in Austin is out of this world good. I just love it. One does not feel like they are in the “big” state of  Texas while visiting Austin, I tell you. If you haven’t been ~ you just gotta go!

View from South Congress with unobstructed views of the State Capitol in downtown Austin

TX Austin_2190

South Congress signage: Doc’s Bar & Grill, Uncommon Objects, Maya, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, Heritage Boot Company and Amy’s Ice Creams!

TX Austin_1917 TX Austin_1177 TX Austin_1182 TX Austin_1192 TX Austin_1195 TX Austin_1297

Hey Cupcake! is one of my favorites. I mean who doesn’t love a super moist cupcake that is handed to you out of a vintage Airstream?

TX Austin_1867 TX Austin_1862 TX Austin_1855 TX Austin_1847 TX Austin_1843 TX Austin_1837 TX Austin_1833 TX Austin_1830

“Keep Austin Weird” is a slogan inspired by Red Wassenich in 2000. The slogan has stuck and I know why. It’s pretty chill when most people in a major city don’t give a hoot about what peeps look like or how they dress. And, I am here to say that I have never seen more tattoo’s in my entire life than in Austin, TX. Some local hippie flavor below….

TX Mikey_1960 TX Austin_1824 TX Austin_1785

South Congress is famous for their food trucks and Austin LOVES Airstreams!! Below are just a couple food truck choices: Taco Baby, Burro Cheese Kitchen, Short Bus Subs, Nomad Dosa, Crepes Mille, The Fat Cactus, Hey! You Gonna Eat or What? and Little Big Mike’s,

TX Austin_1806 TX Austin_1818 TX Austin_1801 TX Austin_1795 TX Austin_1787 TX Austin_1918 TX Austin_1924 TX Austin_1926 TX Austin_1932 TX Austin_1936 TX Austin_1952

There are also boutique Airstreams on South Congress: Curb Service Adelante and Bootleg Market.

TX Austin_2171

TX Austin_2185 TX Austin_2176 TX Austin_2174 TX Austin_2173 TX Austin_1950 TX Austin_1943

Even a doggie adoption Airstream ~ gotta love it!!! Please visit Austin Pets Alive! and support them. A cause very close to my heart!

TX Austin_2167

There is so much good food in Austin that you might just have to wait in line. Here at Hopdoddy Burger Bar is no exception. They serve up hand-crafted, all natural burgers and beer! What’s not to love?

TX Austin_2161

Every once in a while I splurge for some exceptional southern fried chicken. And we were not disappointed at our new favorite chick’n joint ~ Ms. P’s Electric Cock. That’s right, it’s called Electric Cock and it’s sensational. If you want some serious “soul” food then head on over to the Electric Cock. Yum!!!

TX Austin_2203 TX_1907 TX_1905 TX_1896 TX_1879

A locals favorite and another great “dive” restaurant that we really enjoyed is Magnolia Cafe. Yes, it’s swarming with the “weird” of Austin and the decor is quirky, to say the least but, this is a great find and we’ll be back for more. And their slogan is “Everybody Knows, Everybody Goes”!! Gotta love this place.

TX Austin_2369 TX Austin_1777 TX Austin_1768 TX Austin_1765 TX Austin_1763 TX Austin_1175

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography

Guest Post ~ Airstreams4rent 1

When we were searching for our Airstream, many folks asked us if we had “rented” an Airstream first to see if we really would enjoy the lifestyle. I never realized there was such a thing as renting an Airstream ~ who knew? Well, we went ahead and purchased our Beatrice with no regrets. In fact, we love her more than we ever thought possible. Enough of that sappy Beatrice talk, back to renting ~ I decided to start researching the rental market for Airstreams and I found John Abbott and his wife, Wendy from Airstreams4rent. John and Wendy were kind enough to share a bit of their story, which I am happy to share with you. Airstreams4rent is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. You can also “Like” Airstreams4rent on Facebook!

Airstreams4rentLogoBlue 582056_459169100773701_517010122_n

Me: How did you get started with Airstreams4rent?

John: The story that brought us to Airstreams happened when we were on a camping trip in northern Arizona in a borrowed pop-up tent trailer. It was Memorial Day, and it had snowed about a foot of heavy wet snow. We were with a fishing club, and there were two vintage Airstreams in the group. We got to talking about Airstreams and even got tours (it was nice and warm inside them). John had always loved Airstreams from when he was a kid and his family went camping in a homemade converted van. Wendy had waxed an Airstream for an elderly couple during her college days. So we both have a long history with Airstreams.

We started Airstreams4rent when we found no one was renting Airstream trailers. We also found from questions asked in various forums that there was a demand for vintage Airstream trailer rentals which no one was meeting. And the only folks who were renting Airstream trailers would not let you tow them yourself. It was more like an Airstream motel. And we think that is half the fun of RVing! Setting your own pace, your own itinerary, mapping your own way. That is what Airstreams4rent is all about. Letting you use our vintage Airstream trailers to enjoy a full RV vacation.


Me: Did you grow up camping? And if so, was it in Airstreams?

John: My dad made a pop-up camper out of a used Dodge van. We camped all over Texas growing up. Wendy’s family tent camped out in a 10 person tent from the back of their station wagon in their travels. Wendy remembers going from SD to TX to visit her brother before he shipped out to Vietnam.

An Airstream was out of reach for both of our families when we were growing up. We feel it is important to keep an RV vacation affordable for this very reason. So we keep our rental rates low on our Airstream rentals. We want our guests to be able to afford to bring along family and friends.

Me: I see you rent a Suburban? Can your clients tow your AS’s with their TV’s (tow vehicles) or do you tow the AS’s to a specified site and then pick it up once the client has ended their vacation?


John: We let you tow them yourself, which is half the fun. We find more and more folks don’t have a vehicle that can tow, and folks flying in need a tow vehicle. Most rental car companies do not allow you to tow with their rentals, and they are not set up for towing anyway. The ones that do rent tow vehicles are charging $100-150 per day for them. So renting our Suburbans for $59 per day or $360 per week is a great option for them.

We do offer delivery and setup for those who are just intimidated by towing a vintage Airstream. Most folks do very well, even if it’s their first time towing. We do provide an extensive orientation at pick-up, checklists for setting up and breaking camp, and a 24-hour phone number where you can reach us.


Me: How do your clients find you? Do you feel social media plays a role in finding new clients? i.e. Facebook and Twitter?

John: The majority find us when they search for something like “rent Airstream” online. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and run a few ads on Facebook and other websites too. John is working on an Airstream blog too. Mostly it’s about restoring them. We also offer three different email series we call Trip Reports on our websites.

We have also been in magazine articles in Motortrend, Sunset and Airstream Life.


Me: Can you tell us about “Trip Reports”?

John: They offer vacation ideas for folks thinking about renting an Airstream from us. You can sign up from our website and get a series of emails chronicling one of our family’s Airstream road trips. They come every morning for about a week, then they start to space out more and more.

Me: What other services do you offer clients: repairs and polishing?

John: So many folks come back from their vacations and want to buy their vintage Airstream. We don’t sell our rental Airstreams because there is a line of people waiting to rent them. Yet since we have experience restoring Airstreams, we are now offering those services through a sister company we named Airstream Renovations of Phoenix.

It started as a polishing service, since there was a big demand for professional polishing. Airstreams made before 1986 have an outside skin of Alclad. It is very strong aluminum alloy that has a thin veneer of pure aluminum on the outside that polishes up like a mirror. But if you polish through the veneer it leaves an ugly mark that can not be repaired. So you must know what you are doing when you polish a vintage Airstream. We get a lot of trailers from California, where it costs much more to polish an Airstream.

We offer to help to help find a nice vintage Arizona trailer for our Renovation clients that we inspect before they purchase. Then we can do all or part of the renovations on the trailer. We specialize restoring them to original condition, but we can also gut them out and build to the owner’s vision for their trailer.


Me: Do you charge mileage?

John: Only if there is an odometer! So the answer is no for the trailers. We do charge for mileage on the Suburbans and on the Airstream Motorhome we are finishing up for rental. The Motorhome is 22 feet long and will sleep 8 when finished. It is priced the same as if you rented a Suburban and a trailer from us. We do offer 100 miles a day free, and then 100 mile “packs” if their trip plans call for more travel. We also price of the trailers the same, so our guests can just concentrate on selecting the right one for their family.

Me: What amenities come with an AS rental?

John: All of our Airstreams have a full bath, kitchen, A/C, flat screen TV, DVD player, and even a lantern for the picnic table. We also offer a “Silver Liner Package” for free with each rental. The items take up both sides of a piece of paper, so there is too much to list here, but it includes: RV safe toilet paper, trash bags, dish detergent, cloths pins, paper towels, 4 bag chairs (for by the campfire), all the hoses and cables, chocks, a cutting board, ice-cube trays, 2 pink flamingos, and even a loaner DVD of the Long Long Trailer movie.

We also have a Kitchen Package (pots, pans, & cooking utensils/ dishes, cups & silverware) and a Linen Package (sheets, blankets, pillow, & towels for 6) which are needed by our guests who fly into Phoenix. There is an extra charge to use the awning which covers wear & tear on those. Many RV rental companies don’t even have awnings on their units. The packages are each priced at $30 for the whole trip. We also offer generators, propane fire pits (for fire restrictions season) and trailer mounted brake controllers. We even allow pets in most units for an extra deposit and fee.

Me: I see “preferred status” on your website, what does this mean?

John: Preferred Status gets folks pre-approved for rentals. That way they can take advantage of last-minute deals we send out from time to time.

Thank so much to John and Wendy! And please contact them if you are ever hankering to experience what many of us have already found out ~ the most pleasurable way to travel is in an Airstream travel trailer.

30446_135410603149554_2425218_n 37297_135408916483056_1297363_n 37297_135408913149723_951478_n 37297_135408906483057_1270778_n 36701_135410553149559_8158016_n 36701_135410549816226_3510595_n 36701_135410546482893_4211706_n 36701_135410539816227_3716354_n 36701_135410529816228_1872280_n 36134_135407276483220_5013661_n 36134_135407273149887_4890819_n 36134_135407269816554_460227_n 36134_135407266483221_3359813_n 36134_135407263149888_971849_n 36134_135407256483222_1949884_n


Photo source: Airstreams4rent