Den-CO Unit Maintenance Rally 5

We attended our very first rally with our Denver Colorado Unit of the WBCCI (Wally Byam Caravan Club International). 121 members attended this very popular annual rally which was held at the Wellington KOA Campground just north of Ft. Collins, Colorado. There were 51 shiny and beautiful Airstreams representing our local club. In addition to maintenance forums, there was a tamale making afternoon with instruction by Nina and Ray Velasquez, my favorite event ~ “open house” where you tour Airstreams (as long as their door is open!!), happy hours each afternoon, breakfast each morning and dinners shared together each night. It really was a great event to not only learn about new and vintage Airstream maintenance and repair but, to meet fellow ‘Streamer friends.

Our Beatrice (the Big B) in the moonlit evening while we share vino with friends. And one afternoon under some very interesting Colorado skies

CO Rally_3183

CO Rally_2929

My favorite spot was Luke Bernander’s “Barstream” where we enjoyed draft beer each afternoon and evening. Luke owns Luke’s Maintenance and Repair company in Loveland, CO and is a well-respected Airstream repair facility. (970) 222-4065. Luke is not only an exceptional mechanic but, he is a super great guy and always has a smile on his face.

CO Barstream_3154 CO Barstream_3150

CO Barstream_3128 CO Barstream_3111 CO Barstream_3105 CO Barstream_3091 CO Barstream_3089 CO Barstream_3085

Entrance of Wellington KOA and Pavilion

CO Rally_2925 CO Rally_3079

Tamale making afternoon

CO Rally_3297 CO Rally_3290 CO Rally_3282 CO Rally_3277

Maintenance forums

CO Rally_3069 CO Rally_3012

DenCO members having fun mingling during Happy Hours, eating and just plain having fun!

CO Rally_3167 CO Rally_3143 CO Rally_3010 CO Rally_3002 CO Rally_2993 CO Rally_2991 CO Rally_2985 CO Rally_2982 CO Rally_2981 CO Rally_2974 CO Rally_2970 CO Rally_2969 CO Rally_2967

Airstreams, Airstreams and even more Airstreams

CO Rally_3317 CO Rally_3310 CO Rally_2919 CO Rally_3269 CO Rally_3258 CO Rally_3255 CO Rally_3247 CO Rally_3246 CO Rally_3242 CO Rally_3236 CO Rally_3231 CO Rally_3194 CO Rally_3077 CO Rally_3073 CO Rally_3062 CO Rally_3052 CO Rally_3051 CO Rally_3047 CO Rally_3041 CO Rally_3031 CO Rally_3027 CO Rally_3024 CO Rally_3023 CO Rally_3019 CO Rally_3004

CO Sullivan_3213

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Your post make me so happy, it mustbewonderful to bearoundsoma y airstreams. I leave Wednesdayand Iam traveling to myfirstAirstream only campground. Should be fun and interesting. Belated Happy Anniversary to parents.

    • Awww Susan!! You are so sweet. Thank you so much for your kind comments. What AS only campground are you going to?? I have never been to one but, would love to. Take pics b/c I want to see. Have a great trip. Cheers!! Anna

  2. That looks like so much fun! Thanks for the pictures. We are just starting renovations on a 1962 overland-er….when she’s done we can join in on the fun. Love the bar stream!

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