Elk Meadows Lodge & RV Resort ~ Estes Park, Colorado 10

We spent Father’s Day weekend at Elk Meadows RV Resort in Estes Park, Colorado. The weather was spectacular ~ warm days while the evenings were crisp and cool. Elk Meadows is nicely situated right outside of the town of Estes Park ~ easy mile or so drive into downtown. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and large Safeway for all of your grocery needs.  Elk Meadows has full-hookups, free WiFi, laundry, showers, swimming pool, horseshoes, playground and a hot tub. The staff was very friendly and willing to answer all of our questions. We were in site A17 which we liked very much because it sits right up against the evergreen trees. Site A16 is much wider and is also a very good one along the trees.

Sign from Highway 66 and Office

CO Estes Park_2432 CO Estes Park_2440

In the middle of the RV park, there are few trees as seen below but, all have mountain views. The park is very dusty and the wind gusts creep up on you so beware of your awnings. Will have to do a thorough cleaning of our Beatrice because everything has a coat of pollen and dust. Just can’t be helped.

CO Estes Park_2414 CO Estes Park_2417

Elk Meadows is directly across the street from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park but, you have to drive out of the RV park, down and around to get to the entrance. Very convenient, indeed. Our first morning I looked out my Airstream bedroom window to see a gorgeous Bull Elk with velvet antlers eating his breakfast. It was wonderful to witness but, there was not enough good light for a photo.

CO Estes Park_2449

CO Estes Park_2396

Our site and Otis, of course!

CO Estes Park_2455 CO Estes Park_2383 CO Estes Park_2371 CO Estes Park_2368

We checked out the sister RV park to Elk Meadows which is Spruce Lake RV Park. I wasn’t as impressed with Spruce Lake. The sites are very close together and it’s not up on a hill like Elk Meadows. Since the two RV parks are only within about one mile from each other, I would much prefer to return to Elk Meadows on our next trip to Estes Park.

Other views around Elk Meadows

CO Estes Park_2446 CO Estes Park_2444 CO Estes Park_2438 CO Estes Park_2433 CO Estes Park_2428 CO Estes Park_2426 CO Estes Park_2422 CO Estes Park_2420 CO Estes Park_2410 CO Estes Park_2369

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Hi, I was just in Estes Park a few weeks ago, although without my “Eirestream”. How is it towing on the roads up there? I was in a Jeep Patriot and can’t imagine towing up there. Any issues on the hilly winding roadways? Remember I am Jerseygirl, not use to Mtns. I would love to go back up there next Summer.sbb

    • Hi Susan, the drive up to Estes isn’t bad at all. You would be totally fine in the Jeep. The drive over Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mt National Park is a different stroy!!! Hope you can make it back to beautiful CO this year. Be well.

  2. You’re in one of our favorite locations right now! Estes Park is so gorgeous & I’m glad to see that there’s a decent campground. We’ve been through RMNP quite a few times now & Trail Ridge Road can indeed be kind of hairy. 🙂

    • Thanks, Molly!! It is a gem of our state for sure. We’re going to camp in Grand Lake next time and are debating about Trail Ridge Rd. Our next door neighbor tows his Terry TT over it all the time and say’s “it’s a piece of cake”!!!! Cheers!!

    • How are the mountain roads from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City for a 30′ Airstream Classic pulled by a ’99 Dodge PU 2500 Cummins? We are contemplating going Utah or Colorado to Yellowstone. Thank so very much for your time and attention in advance, Kro at kropy7530@gmail.com.

      • Hi Kro, thanks for your message. I have not towed the AS from Albuquerque to SLC yet. We do drive, however from Denver to Yellowstone via Jackson, WY and the mountain roads are just fine. We tow with a Ford Expedition and it’s smooth sailing!! Cheers!

  3. OMG I absolutely adore your blog; I just found it today and it makes me miss my family’s 34-ft Airstream so much!!! I love how you designed the interior of yours; my big dream is to get a vintage one and dress it up so I’m getting some great ideas from yours!!!

    • Hi Mel, many thanks for your kind comment. I am having so much fun with the Airstream. So glad you are getting ideas from mine b/c I have gotten ideas from others. It’s really fun sharing on blogs. Thanks for following!!! Cheers! Anna

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