Pecan Grove RV Park 7

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived at Pecan Grove RV Park because it’s a bit of a mystery. So old school ~ they don’t even have a website and when you call on the phone to make a reservation, the gentleman on the other end of the line is very brief. I was actually a bit reluctant to write this post because Pecan Grove, as I have now found out, is a treasure. It’s location is downtown Austin, Texas. How can one get better than that? It’s scenically located on Barton Springs Road and sits in a grove of Pecan trees. With restaurants, coffee shops, a small grocery store and Zilker Park right out the entrance of Pecan Grove, you can soak in all the “Weird” that Austin has to offer.

TX Pecan Grove_2449 TX Pecan Grove_2273

TX Pecan_2026

Directly out the entrance of Pecan Grove you can find Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que, Austin Java Cafe & Bar, Thom’s Market, Zilker Park and so much more. We walked Otis to Zilker Park everyday and it is one of my all time favorite parks I have ever been to. People and dogs of all ages gather at Zilker to exercise, take a mini-train ride, have a picnic or do whatever your heart desires. It’s an amazing park and shouldn’t be missed when you are visiting Austin.

TX Park_1678

TX Zilker_2130 TX Zilker_2149

TX Austin_2506 TX Pecan_2520 TX Pecan_2518 TX Pecan_2503 TX Pecan_2467 TX Pecan_2459 TX Pecan_2452

Pecan Grove is the home to permanent residences. The RV Park only rents out about 10 spaces to overnighters like us. This RV Park is home to many and as you can see from the pics, the neighbors have made it very cozy.

TX Pecan_2492 TX Pecan_2480 TX Pecan_2475 TX Pecan_2471 TX Pecan_2468 TX Pecan_2447 TX Pecan_2438 TX Pecan_2274 TX Pecan_2074 TX Pecan_2058 TX Pecan_2040 TX Pecan_2034

I walked around Pecan Grove and met many of the locals. I realized on this particular trip that I felt so connected with the city because of the local friends that I had made. When one stays in a hotel, you just don’t get the same sense of local flavor like you do when you are RV’ing in a local hangout. Case in point, I met Linda. She lived at Pecan Grove for the past 20 years and this was going to be her last weekend living in Austin. She sold her vintage Avion and was moving north. She invited me into her trailer to show me around. I was thrilled to not only see a vintage Avion in the flesh but, also to learn Linda’s unique story. She also shared with me her homemade light cover that she is very proud of. I wish Miss Linda all the happiness in her new life. I know that she was struggling with leaving Pecan Grove and her lifelong friends she had made there.

TX Pecan_2070 TX Pecan_2064

Our site, Beatrice and Otis! This was our first camping trip of 2013 and our first trip with Otis. He LOVES camping. Our site at Pecan Grove was in the back of the park where there are only three pull-through, full hook up sites. We were in spot B and just loved it. Looking forward to going back to Pecan Grove in November for more Austin adventures.

TX_1975 TX Pecan_2591

Photo source: © Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Totally agree with you! I found this park by chance- we stayed 3 days there- what a blast from the past & such interesting & friendly folks! We loved it & our 3 Doxies did too!

    • Hi Bevelry, wasn’t Pecan Grove fun? A bit quirky and “weird” as the peeps from Austin like it. Hope you and your fur-kids made it up to Zilker Park. Safe travels!!

  2. Such a great place !! Isn’t it funny how we “imagine” a place to be and then to discover it is completely different? Jeff and I were just talking about that. Looks like Pecan Grove is a true hidden gem — if we lived closer it would definitely be on our list. Love how Otis is having such a great time. Happy traveling my sweet friend xoxo !!

    • Hi Leigh, Pecan Grove is very quirky and a special place!! Hope you make it there sometime. Hope we run into each other on the road one day. Until then, safe travels. Anna

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