Woerner Warehouse 4

One of my favorite pastimes is meeting new people. I especially love meeting new peeps in small towns. Not sure why small town folks are so special to me, but they are. And when I travel to these small towns to meet the locals, I always search out the best local “eats”. There is nothing I can’t stand more than to pay for bad food, even if it’s cheap. I prefer dining in local “dives” even more than a fancy, white table-cloth establishment. So, on my recent trip to the Texas Hill Country, I discovered my new favorite find for breakfast and lunch in charming Fredericksburg, Texas. Thanks to my dear friend Deborah Harrington, a talented and accomplished artist, for sharing her local favorite morning spot, Woerner Warehouse with me. Located just off the main drag in downtown Fredericksburg at 305 South Lincoln St., Woerners offers not only an amazing breakfast but, fresh baked goodies, breads, coffee, lunch and you can still stop by to pickup some hardware supplies. It’s not fancy nor expensive but, the food and atmosphere is steller. You won’t be dissappointed, I promise! Woerner Warehouse was established in 1928 and was the local feed and hardware store. Now it’s a fun, casual spot for locals to share a cup of java and catch up on the local gossip. A must try the next time you are in Fredericksburg.

TX Fburg_1513 TX Fburg_1515 TX Fburg_1525 TX Fburg_1534 TX Fburg_1535 TX Fburg_1538 TX Fburg_1540 TX Fburg_1542 TX Fburg_1547 TX Fburg_1549 TX Fburg_1553 TX Fburg_1557 TX Fburg_1558 TX Fburg_1560 TX Fburg_1562 TX Furg_1170 TX Furg_1517

TX Fburg_1168

TX Fburg_1174

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. We found that there is a “Dining Experience” in almost every small Texas town we have visited. Very few in comparable size towns in the deep south. Not sure why. I loved the seven years we lived in Texas.

  2. How real! We do the same thing (search out somewhere local). Has taken us to more memorable places! Thanks for sharing! We’ll get to Fredericksburg some day!

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