Denver to Amarillo 3

I was counting down the days till my first trip of the season. After all,  since our maiden voyage last November from NJ to Denver, Beatrice has been in storage. Although this first trip was a short one yet very much-anticipated, there ended up being an interesting beginning to our adventure. The day we were to get our Airstream out of storage and in for “de-winterizing”, Denver got dumped with almost a foot of fresh fluffy snow and the temps dropped below 20 degrees. Took us a couple of days to find a clear day to get out of dodge but, finally escaped the clinches of Old Man Winter and our Texas adventure was well on its way. Destination: Fredericksburg, TX via Amarillo! We had to break the trip up because the state of Texas is so darn big! Our first stop was Amarillo. But, I’m jumping ahead as there were many miles prior to getting to our first evenings destination. The drive south on I-25 from Denver to the New Mexico border is quiet lovely. The Spanish Peaks are breathtaking in Southern Colorado. Decided to not make any unnecessary stops for yours truly to get out and take pics along the way. The trip would have taken us weeks if I had. So, I opted for some photos straight from my office seat! We were lucky as we didn’t encounter any inclement weather or snow en route to Texas. First hurdle was to get over Raton (which means mouse in Spanish) Pass which has an elevation of 7,834 ft. The drive over the pass was spectacular crossing The Big B from Colorado into New Mexico.

NM_0816 NM_0825

Then on to Raton, New Mexico


Through Clayton, New Mexico

Clayton_0839 Clayton_0851 Clayton_0855

Finally made it into the great state of Texas! Yee Haw!!


My office during the trip


And some shots from the passenger seat of the long stretch towards Amarillo

TX_0873 TX_0881 TX_0894 TX_0930 TX_0946


Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Oh, how we’ll we know your route- we pull our Airstream, Sylvia, out of the DFW area often for N. M. & Col. You are going to love the Texas hill country & Fredericksburg area. And you are beating the terrible summer heat- have a fabulous trip!

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