Hicksville Trailer Palace 4


Just a couple of hours from Los Angeles in Joshua Tree, California sits another very cool eclectic Trailer Park Motel, Hicksville Trailer Palace. I totally dig the quirkiness of Hicksville and appreciate how the vibe is a bit out of the ordinary all to provoke a sense of a true get-away like none other. With eight customized trailers each designed with a unique theme, experience a hideaway in  “The New World”, “The Integratrailer”, “The Pioneer”, “The Sweet”, “The Lux”, “The Pony”, “The Fifi” or “The Sideshow”.

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Built by Morgan Higby Night (LA writer and director) in 2010, it’s an artist retreat as well as a comfortable, fun, energetic and pretty darn cool place for anyone to spend some time relaxing. You can BBQ, enjoy all the music that Joshua Tree has to offer, oodles of games like table tennis, darts, horseshoes or archery. Privacy is of utmost importance so you won’t even find out the actual address of the property until the day before you arrive. Get wild at Hicksville and have a blast!

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Photo source: Hicksville Trailer Palace


  1. Hi, FYI I am having the worse day ever, I opened my email saw you did a post and instantly had a mood change. I am not going to view it now, but rather, go home, relax and slowly enjoy, You have just such a wonderful blog. Thank you. sbb

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for your kind words. You just made my day. BTW, I haven’t been blogging b/c my Mom was living with us for the past 4 months and these past few weeks were really tough on me. But, I’m back now and getting back into the groove!! Have a great weekend. Let us know when you want to talk to Paul about the hitch.

  3. Nice way to end my day, thanks. A hitch has to wait, just had $2500.00 worth of work done on my new to me excellent condition AS. Had my maiden voyage last weekend in Lancaster, PA. Next up in couple weeks is Monticello VA for a week. I plan to change out a shower head myself, fingers crossed and I am having my closet shelved like I saw on the forum. The shelves were a great mod. Sbb

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