An Airstream Bowling Alley? Reply

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, bring on an Airstream bowling alley!! Really?? OK, so it’s not ten-pin but, at least you get to whirl the little bowling balls down either of two lanes provided in this hip Airstream bowling alley. And, you can where whatever shoes you want and drink lots of cheap beer for an evening of fun in Vegas. Next time you are in Vegas baby ~ head over to the Silverton Casino. Walk towards the back of the casino to the Shady Grove Lounge and you’ll see it. An Airstream turned bowling alley. My friends over at Mali Mish visited this cool spot and took some great pics (I added a couple below) for their blog post.


3643039877_afe74e3b74_z airstream_rv_bowling airstream-bowling-alley las-vegas-hotel-discovery-club-players-club-login-top

Photo source: Mali Mish and Silverton Casino

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