The Business of Fun 8

This past weekend in Denver, the annual SIA Convention (SnowSports Industries America) was in town! My niece, Meg Haywood-Sullivan is an award-winning snowboard photographer and was in attendance of the festivities. We visited with Meg downtown Denver on Saturday night and lo and behold, what do my eyes see but, an Airstream! Didn’t have my camera handy so drove down the next morning to get a couple of shots of this decked out ‘Stream. Come to find out it’s the Airstream for “The Business of Fun, Keeping Kids Out of Cubicles“. After reading a bit about this organization, it’s worth a read for sure. “The Business of Fun is dedicated to helping people turn their passions into their jobs through events and our online community. Happy people with good jobs make a better world…”  Love their motto!!


Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. OMIGAWD,Anna your niece is the spitting image of you. Great photograpy I must say. My niece Kate graduated from MSU in film..Mick

  2. So….what did the inside look like? I am chomping at the bit to get out, but end of March looks my my first time for 2013, and for that I will remain winterized. arggg

    • Susan, I was not able to go inside. I just jumped out of my car on a very busy downtown Denver location and snapped a couple of shots.
      We too are winterized and we too are chomping at the bit. But, alas the winter will be gone soon and our Glamping days for 2013 will begin. Keep in touch! Anna

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words. We could not have been more excited that Airstream was willing to help support our Business of Fun mission. We recently visited the Airstream HQ and hope to have a short video up on the Business of Fun site that we shot with Don who has been the tour guide for over 20 years. Airstream is such a perfect example of the stories we are trying to tell through BoF.
    Our company is The Public Works and we are in Denver. So stop on by sometime.
    – Mike (one of the Business of Fun captains)

    • Thanks so much, Mike! I really enjoy spreading the good words of organizations like yours. We too visited the AS factory 2x’s in 2012 and Don was our tour guide both times. Lots of luck with your endeavors!! Cheers! Anna

  4. Hi Ian, it is truly a very small world. So glad you were able to meet Meg! She is a gem. I would like to add some of your interior shots to this post! Best of luck to you all. Cheers! Anna

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