Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show 6

Exactly one year ago this past Saturday, it all started. Hub’s and I always had a dream to travel the country in an RV with our best “fur” friend, Milo (RIP). We talked about it for years and of course, life treks on and sometimes your dreams get put on the back burner. But, it was different that particular day. We attended the Colorado RV show and have never looked back. That was a life changing day. The kind of day where you feel you are at a cross roads. We decided to take the road that lead us to our Beatrice! We toured the show for about 4 hours. It was pretty exciting touring the various styles RV’s from Motorcoaches to Travel Trailers and all the SOB’s (some other brands) in between. Looks like the 5th Wheels and Toy Haulers are the main attractions.


Finally we were about done and ready to go home and as we were walking out of the show we spotted the aluminum peanuts, the Airstream Travel Trailers. We walked into a 27’FB International Serenity and that was it. It hit us like a ton of bricks. It was my Oprah “Ah Ha” moment. The moment that I had been waiting for ~ we were “HOME”!!!! So, that is how it all began. One year ago this past weekend and the rest is history. Months of research, blogging, joining the AirForums, meeting folks at the local DenCO Unit and attending rallies all aided us in our decision to finally purchase our Beatrice last October. Move ahead to this past weekend and we had to attend the RV show again. I feel like it’s our anniversary, a must-attend event each year now. Since we were not in the market for an RV this year, it was more for fun and to see if there were new products out there that we hadn’t discovered yet. Below are some of the highlights of the show and of course, the Airstreams that Windish RV had on display. The show had just about any RV you could imagine from this tiny camper…

RV_DSC8018 RV_DSC8014 RV_DSC7991

To the big boys….


I enjoyed meeting Amanda Mullins from Grass Haven Outdoor. Grass Haven is a brand new company out of Boulder, CO offering lots of fun items to outfit your rig for some fun summertime activities plus recipes, tips and tricks, camping etiquette, camping attire and so much more. Worth checking out for sure! “Grasshaven Outdoor. The name pretty much says it all—a heavenly haven where the comforts of home meet the beauty of nature.”

RV_DSC7869 RV_DSC7871 RV_DSC7874 RV_DSC7877

We stopped by the booth of Camp Here Gear! This is a brand new company based out of Loveland, Colorado offering fun RV camping designs on everything from T Shirts to Aprons to Stickers. He promised me they would come up with an Airsteam design soon!

RV_DSC7885 RV_DSC7887

One of the nicest, most spacious Class B Plus RV’s we saw is this 2013, Unity by Leisure Travel Vans. Ron Griffith of Intermountain Coach showed us this Murphy Bed style coach and it was very impressive. It was extremely spacious, the hardwoods were top-notch, corian counter tops, one slide-out and the most perfect bathroom set up. If you have been looking for a Class B look no further than this Mercedes van. It’s a 10 in my book!!

RV_DSC8010 RV_DSC8008 RV_DSC8003 RV_DSC7999 RV_DSC7998 RV_DSC7995

Dura-Tent offers a nifty product to help keep your food “bug and bee free”. Larger and more user-friendly than the typical food nets that only cover one dish. Dura-Tent will cover a buffet size table or the smaller version will cover enough dishes for a couple campers. And it folds up into a tiny package for storing.


Even Jeep had a cute little camper while Ford showed off an embellished model truck…



The Hitch Corner attended our local DenCO Unit luncheon last weekend. They also had a booth at the RV show. The Hitch Corner provides hitches, hitch accessories, bikes/cargo racks, RV and camping equipment and so much more.


And last but, certainly not least ~ the Airstreams!!! Windish RV had a nice selection of Airstream models from a 16′ to a 27’FB. If interested in any RV from Windish please consider contacting Zach Shaw at 800-748-3778  or Zach will take very good care of you!! And for excellent service/repair in the Colorado region, contact Dave Baldini at

RV_DSC8030 RV_DSC8022

RV_DSC7986 Rv_DSC7981 RV_DSC7977 RV_DSC7970 RV_DSC7965 RV_DSC7964 RV_DSC7957 RV_DSC7954 RV_DSC7946 RV_DSC7939 RV_DSC7935 RV_DSC7932 RV_DSC7930 RV_DSC7925 RV_DSC7921 RV_DSC7917 RV_DSC7916 RV_DSC7913 Rv_DSC7911 RV_DSC7901 RV_DSC7894 RV_DSC7892

A couple views of our Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver……

RV_DSC8047 RV_DSC8042

RV_DSC8066 RV_DSC8054 RV_DSC8052

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. I can’t tell you how much I LOVED this post!! I found myself really analyzing all of the other SOB’s and then at the end when I saw the Airstreams my heart went happy! Love seeing those shiny silver bundles of happiness. Now I’m off to check out Grasshaven Outdoor — I am intrigued! xoxo

    • Thank you, my dear!!! My only dream is to have a blog 1/2 as amazing as yours is!!! Can’t wait to write my post and share pics of the first time we meet in person! How fun will that be?

  2. Great post Anna. I feel like I went to an RV show and didn’t have to endure the crowds or the booths I am not interested in. Thanks for showing us the highlights. As always, the information you provide is useful and well presented. I am sure you are ready for your first full season of camping. You will just have to endure the beautiful Colorado winter first.

    • Thanks, Doug!! It was a little strange being there since we weren’t shopping for an RV this year but, still fun going into some of the S.O.B.’s and the 2013 Airstreams!!! Thanks for your sweet comments!!

  3. We had a very similar epiphany exactly 1 year ago when we attended the Florida RV Show in Tampa. We wanted to find the exact perfect 5th wheeler for our journey. You had to go through the Airstream display to get into the rest of the show and I think it was love at first sight.

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