Sugarlily Cookie Company 4


How fabulous are these cookies?? It was love at first site when I first saw these silver vintage trailer cookies recently on Facebook! So, of course, I had to contact the owner to inquire about these little darlings. Lisa from Sugarlily Cookie Company was so sweet to respond to my request about purchasing these cuties plus, I wanted to know more about her delicious company. “Sugarlily is a boutique baker of beautiful hand-decorated sugar cookies for special occasions. We cater to your individual needs and ideas to create custom cookies.”


“I am a self-taught baker who caught the cookie bug from Martha Stewart about 20 years ago after seeing her beautiful copper cookie cutters in her old Martha-by-Mail catalog.  I run this small business from my home while raising three children with my husband.  I would love to have a little trailer someday to sell cookies.”

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I hope that Lisa’s dream of selling her cookies out of a vintage trailer comes true sooner than later. How divine would that be? In the meantime, you can inquire about purchasing cookies (have a cookie idea for your special event? Lisa encourages custom designs) here, “Like” her on Facebook here and view tons more cookie photos here on Flickr. Enjoy!

Photo source: Sugarlily Cookie Company


    • I agree, Lindsay!! These cookies are the bomb!!! Thank you so much for your kind comments about Glamper! Good luck with your trailer reno, sounds like fun! Cheers!!!

  1. Adorable, and yummy. I have officially crossed into Retro Chic, having driven over 300 miles round trip to pick up my new to me 2006 Bambi. Thanks to John who happily offered to meet me half way. Catch his wife on David Letterman tonight, she plays with the Marine Band. Keep up such a beautiful blog. sbb

    • Hi Susan, congrats on your new Bambi!!!! I want to see pics of her. I hope that we can run into each other one of these days on the road. Cheers!! Anna

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