Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts 5

Thanks to my friend Monica B. of Just 5 More Minutes for sharing this photo on Facebook of an Airstream inside a doughnut shop in Bellevue, Washington.

Top Pot Monica

Of course, being the Airstream nut that I am, I had to investigate. Low and behold, I discovered Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts in Seattle, Washington. I contacted the company to inquire about their nifty doughnut topped Airstream and Mark Klebeck, Co-Founder responded and sent me two great pics and some info to share with you. The Top Pot Doughnuts have been described as “Designer Doughnuts” by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and many more accolades have been written about these sugary delights.

feather-boa filled sprinkles

“Two travel trailers that we have made use of!  My brother Michael who I co-founded the company with spent time refurbishing the exterior/interior to allow the trailers to function as mobile cafes.  A lot of custom work went into each of the trailers with the majority of time put into metal work.  We salvaged as much of the original look and feel and made modifications only to make each function on a day-to-day basis.

The first is a 1962 Airstream Bambi.  The trailer is primarily used for special events around the Seattle area.  This is currently equipped to sell doughnuts, espresso and drip coffee.”

Top Pot

The second is a 1947 Vagabond Trailer.  Currently this is parked in front of McLendon Hardware in Renton Washington.  It also is equipped to sell coffee, doughnuts and espresso.

Renton Vagabond

So, the next time you see a doughnut on top of an Airstream while you’re bopping around Seattle ~ it will be worth your while to experience the delightful Top Pot Doughnuts and some freshly brewed java to make your day extraordinary!

73856_10151326750855575_1511093819_n doughnuts

Photo Credit: Mark Klebeck


  1. Oh Anna!! You are the best!! That is so awesome you contacted the co-founder of Top Pot, how amazing of you!! I’m sitting here with my jaw dropped to the floor — I LOVE this post!!

    I see that little Airstream with the silver doughnut ontop zipping around Seattle and Bellevue quite often actually! I always have to smile…

    Also I’m not sure how lucky I am to work in an office where Top Pot is the #1 choice for our bi-weekly meetings, lol — but do take it from me, they are HEAVENLY.

    Thank you for the Shout Out and the most wonderful post (as usual!!!)


  2. love it, BTW just purchased my own Air Stream, after some misteps in getting the right fit for me, I have a 75Th Bambi, and will be happy when I get it home. Love your blog, only thing I follow and it is worth it,

    • SBB, you are SO SWEET!!!! I am so happy to hear you enjoy the blog. I’m loving writing and sharing. I would love to see pics of your new Bambi. How exciting for you. Tell me about your maiden voyage! Since we just finished ours, I love to hear the experiences of others. Very excited for you!!! Please do keep in touch! Anna

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