Griff’s Valley View RV Park 2

After we departed Tecumseh, Ontario at 6am and headed for the US/Canadian border, we were once again faced with another cranky border patrol. This time he entered our Airstream and removed all of our veggies. We told him the veggies were purchased in the US but, he said that didn’t matter in his very authoritative voice. So, off the veggies went to trash can heaven.  Once safely back in the US we started our 710 mile journey to Iowa where we would spend the night.  Since this would be our first campground we would stay at and since we are Newbie’s, I wasn’t exactly sure how to figure out where we would end up. I had been told by several Airstreaming friends to buy an app called Allstays and it was a huge help. I’ll be writing a post about Allstays shortly. I had read several reviews on-line about various campsites that were open all year (many close for the winter) but, decided to call Griff’s Valley View RV Park and so happy I did. Carol Griffieon answered our call and secured our reservations for one night. We didn’t know what to expect. Griff’s was so lovely, we wished we could have stayed a couple of nights. Sadly, we didn’t arrive until a few minutes before the sun was setting or I would have walked the park and taken tons of photos. But, here is our level, concrete, drive-thru (big plus for Newbie’s) and our full hook ups!! Griffs is in Altoona, Iowa just outside of Des Moines. It sits on a hill overlooking the rolling hills of Iowa. It was a wonderful place to spend the evening. Check out their website to learn about all the amenties offered at Griff’s. We highly recommend Griff’s if you ever find yourself in Iowa!

And this was how we treated ourselves after a 10 hour drive ~ Glamper style!

CAMP_7781 IA_7766 IA_7778 Map


  1. That’s what I wanted on my first dry run, a pull-through. Flat, level, easy. So
    glad you in your new Airstream. Your adventures will be that much more engrossing.

    • Thanks Jerry!! We had traveled for 1687 miles before this beautiful spot in Iowa. But, prior to that we were in Jackson Center, Can-Am and a courtesy park situation. My true “maiden” voyage is outlined in the Colonial Airstream post where you will learn how my first 5 hrs really went!!! All good, we survived it all and are having a ball. Thanks for your comment!

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