Introduction of the New Airstream Land Yacht Concept Trailer 5

I spent several years crewing on private yachts. I always appreciated the quality, design and sleek interiors of many motor yachts. So, much to my surprise and delight I learned that Airstream unveiled a new concept trailer at the National RV Trade Show this week in Louisville, KY called the Land Yacht. Inspired by luxury yachts and designed by Airstream in collaboration with Officinia Italiana Design and the maker of fine cabinetry, Technoform S.p.A ~ this new Airstream trailer will be a welcome improvement to the current high-end “Classic” model in current production. I can’t wait to see the new Land Yacht in person! Update: Airstream just added the Land Yacht Concept Trailer to their website. Click here to see more information and beautiful photos!

Photo sources: CanAm RV, Colonial Airstream and Airstream


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, I subscribe to Europeon Caravan Magazines, and it reminds me of their “look”. BTW enjoying your blog. sbb

  2. BEAUTIFUL! But then as an airstream owner, I love the functional versaility of the interiors. The appointments on this model are outstanding.

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