Airstream Factory and My First Backup! 3

Never in a million years would I have guessed we would have visited Jackson Center, OH ~ the home of the iconic American travel trailer ~ Airstream, twice in 6 months. However, this visit was a bit different because we now own our very own piece of Americana. My first post about Jackson Center was all about the “Tour” and contains two great videos and more photos!

We arrived in Jackson Center late in the afternoon after a long drive from Maryland. The weather was crisp and cold and some of the mountain roads in Western Maryland were snow packed (Just another challenge for us “Newbies”!) but, the drive through Ohio was sunny and uneventful. Once again, I wanted to test my Newbie skills and try to back-up our Beatrice myself. Luckily for me (and for Hub’s) I nailed it after just one try, I was in. Now, I can’t brag too much because it was very easy conditions, no trailer on either side of us and no trees. But, it’s all really good practice! We parked at Airstream’s “Terraport” which is only $10.00 per night, full hookups and all RV’s are welcome. If you are having your Airstream serviced, like we were, the nightly fee is free. Best deal in town!

We were up and out at 7am because the tractor was ready to move Beatrice into her stall for installation of the roadside and back awnings. We were also having them check her out because she had just been through Hurricane Sandy. Our mechanic, Paul was sensational. He was very knowledgeable and patient with all of our questions! And thank you to Chris Burch, our Service Manager for assisting us prior to and during our visit. We appreciate everyone in the service department for their exceptional customer service. Photo below of Beatrice with her new back awning.

While you wait for you trailer to be serviced, the lobby is very welcoming. One has access to free WiFi and all the free coffee or hot chocolate that you can drink. And, there is the Wally Byam “store” where you can buy everything from stainless steel screws to flamingo baseball caps. Bring your credit card because you might not be able to resist all the Airstream paraphernalia.

The lobby is a comfy place to sit and wait for your servicing or for your 2pm Factory Tour. And the lovely ladies at the front desk are super helpful. It’s all about Airstreams here!!

When we visited the factory in July, I wrote a post about our tour and our amazing tour guide, Don Ambos. Well, Don was once again our tour guide and we enjoyed this tour even more because the factory was in production so we saw so much more. You see, when you tour the factory on a Friday, the factory is shut down. Some folks prefer Friday tours because you are shown areas that you can’t view when the factory is in production. I felt that we saw much more on this particular tour and learned more while the factory was in full swing. We saw how the  window frames are made, side wall aluminum sheets are riveted, we saw a slew of Airstreams being made for Chinese and South Korean customers. It was fascinating.

Jackson Center, OH is a teeny tiny town in rural Ohio but, it’s worth a stop if you ever find yourself in the area. Good eats are The Spot in nearby Sidney, OH (thanks to Mali Mish for the recommendation) and The Inn Between Tavern in Botkins, OH just down the street from the factory for great fried chicken. But, be forewarned ~ there is little to no cell phone service in the entire town of Jackson Center! UGH!!

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Anna, your enthusiasm is palpable. It is such a thrill to view your blog every day to see what new excitements await. It sounds like you have had no major snafu’s so far or at least you haven’t blogged about them. Keep the posts coming.

    • Hi Frank, thanks for the nice comment. I do plan on writing a post about “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” to let you all know exactly what we went through on this awesome adventure. It really went very smoothly, just things here and there that we had to figure out. Just now need to find the time to get all of the posts written. Stay tuned!!!

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