Austin Loves Airstreams 7

Hub’s and I had about an hour to kill before heading to Austin-Bergstrom Airport after an amazing weekend in the Texas Hill Country (more on that in another post!). I was really craving a Hey Cupcake! I wrote this post on our first visit to Hey Cupcake back in April but, I failed to mention how absolutely tantalizing these cupcakes are. I know the cupcake craze has been going on for quite sometime and they have popped up all over towns across the great US of A. But, I’m here to tell you my cupcake of choice “The Standard” ~ Chocolate Buttercream Top, Vanilla Cake, was by far, the best cupcake that has touched these lips! Oh my goodness, that is one sensational cupcake. My opinion is such due to the light and airy cake that is tremendously moist and the frosting is killer good. Enough said, when you are in Austin next time, get yourself a Hey Cupcake!

Ok, so back to this one lonely hour we had to burn before catching our flight. We headed down South Congress in the hippest part of Austin, Texas where all the happenings are happening especially on a gorgeous, sunny, warm Sunday afternoon. Much to my surprise there were a slew of Airstream trailers all decked out as boutiques and eateries. I jumped out of the rental car and snapped away. The lighting was horrible, traffic even worse but, couldn’t resist to share with you all how fun that fifteen minutes was for me. Didn’t have time to tour each Airstream or to speak with the owners but, for sure on my next trip to Austin, I will spend some time on South Congress to enjoy the eats and wares not only in the Airstreams but, all over town!


Little Big Mike’s ~ Hand-Crafted Pan Pizza

Nomad Dosa ~ Indian cuisine

Curb Service Adelante Boutique


Airstream humor at Hey Cupcake!

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Great post Anna. I won’t be able to resist taking pictures of all of the Airstream food trailers during my upcoming visit. Austin seems to have the best food truck scene in the country. They certainly must be the leader of repurposed trailers. I can’t wait to visit Austin and western Texas with my Airstream in tow.

    • I agree, Doug! I just wish I had time to park the car and spend some time but, we didn’t. I knew that Hey Cupcake was there but, I had no idea about the
      rest that I photographed. It was so much fun. Can’t wait to return. Safe travels and I can’t wait to see your posts on your trip.

  2. Oh Anna, you are too much!!! Love your post on Hey Cupcake and the other cute AS trailers. So glad you guys had time to stop for a little sweet. Come back to Texas soon!

    • Kelly, we literally had on hour to get downtown, buy and eat the cupcake and get to the airport. I then saw all of those AS’s and just couldn’t believe it. Was so much fun. Did you know they were all there?? Can’t wait to come back to TX and see you again!!! More fun times to be had. Be well, dear friend!!

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