Beatrice, Meet Sandy! 4

After months and months of due diligence, research and more research, we finally purchased our dream Airstream, Beatrice. Who would have thunk that Beatrice is now faced with meeting her nemeses, Hurricane Sandy. You know Aluminum and salt water don’t like each other! Beatrice is currently sitting on the dealership lot in Lakewood, NJ which is only 7 miles inland from the Jersey shore. I haven’t spoken to Colonial Airstream yet today and am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that our Beatrice is going to be just fine for us to pick her up next month. When I mentioned in a previous post that I was so thrilled to be able to write about my adventures in Beatrice, I didn’t realize the first adventure would be surviving the hurricane of the century!! Update soon, I hope!


  1. Go to the left of Sandy’s projected path @ 8am Wednesday–and that’s where we live! Let’s hope she loses steam once she hits land!

    • Oh Kate, I pray it doesn’t come towards you. My brother in NJ is in her direct path. Not a good scene there. Prayers for all humans, animals and Beatrice!!

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