BleuRoo Reusable Sandwich Bags ~ A Favorite Thing 6

Last month while staying outside of Jackson Hole in one of my favorite tiny towns ~ Wilson, Wyoming, we frequented the Aspens Market: Grocer, Butcher, Deli. I adore small towns and I migrate towards small town “Mom & Pop” stores. While shopping for ingredients for our dinner menu, I discovered the cutest little reusable sandwich bags. I had to buy two for our backpacks since we always pack a lunch.

There is nothing I love more than hand-made items and better yet ~ when they are made in the USA and I can buy them in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, well then ~ my heart just sings!

I found out these little embroidered cloth bags are made by owner and work-at-home Mom ~ Amanda of The cloth bag is 100% unbleached cotton while the liner is water and stain resistant nylon. You have to check out BleuRoo’s adorable Etsy shop where Amanda sells many different styles of this reusable sandwich/snack bag along with cloth napkins and lunch totes, all personalized if you wish. So darn cute, you have to have one or two, don’t you?!!

Photo Source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful words! So glad you are enjoying your bags, and so jealous you got to visit Aspens Market.
    Have fun in your travels, stay safe 🙂
    Amanda L.

    • So glad you like it, Amanda!! I like to spread the good word when we find things we really like and we really like your adorable and very useful bags!! Cheers!!!

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