Guest Post ~ Corrine Vegter of Dusty Dog Studio Reply

One thing is apparent to me ~ Airstreamers are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Up until last week when we finally purchased our very own Airstream, we attended various rallies and events just as onlookers and came away with a sense of “family” after meeting so many diverse and really cool people. One of those special people is Corrine Vegter of Dusty Dog Studio. We met Corrine, her husband Brian (who is also an artist), their dog and their vintage 1962 Airstream at Alumafandango here in Denver. Corrine’s love of Airstreams and art is combined in her fabulously cute ceramic travel trailers. I just fell in love with them. Each piece has its own character just like the vintage trailer it portrays. And, all the ceramic trailers light up ~ now that is special! She also designs and creates necklace pendants and retro Airstream t-shirts. So happy to introduce you all to Corrine and her Dusty Dog Studio ~

“Corrine Vegter is known for are her ceramic travel trailer lanterns. The
inspiration came from her travels with husband, Brian, in their ‘85 VW camper
van. Spending time at campgrounds around the country looking at old tin can
trailers sparked her creativity. “Seeing the lights on in those old campers at
night made me curious as to what’s going on inside them.” she says. “I thought,
why not create that same thing in clay?” Corrine and Brian now have a 1962
Airstream Bambi. When the couple is not traveling Corrine is creating work for
shows or custom ceramic trailer lamps for customers.”

Photo source: Dusty Dog Studio

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