We Are Officially Glampers! 42

Today is a good day! Today is 10.11.12 and today is the day we purchased our very own Airstream! I’m so excited, I can barely write this post. After many months of research, attending rallies, touring various models, touring the Airstream Factory in Ohio and asking so many questions from current Airstream owners ~ we decided on a 2012, 27′ FB International Signature. We purchased our Airstream from Colonial Airstream in NJ. Lauren & Patrick Botticelli and their GM, David Starin have been wonderful to work with. They are all uber knowledgeable, patient and very accommodating to our needs being that we are in Denver. We look forward to the day that we can pick up our Airstream, Beatrice (yes, I had to name her!!). Will most likely be in November when we can make that long cross-country trip to see her for the first time. I will also be posting on our continued relationship with Colonial, our walk thru and all they will teach us “Newbies” about the systems, operations, towing etc. of our new girl. Yes, all Airstreams are girls just like sail boats and motor yachts!!

Some photos of Beatrice from Colonial’s website

So, after 137 blog posts I will finally be able post about our Airstream adventures. Many more photos to follow of when Beatrice is all decked out with her new bedding, decorative pillows and such. And, we’ll be posting about our “Maiden Voyage” with her across the great US of A. Wish us luck, we’re pretty nervous!!

Photo source: Colonial Airstream


    • Kate, you must come to Jackson Hole next September. Check on-line for the Falls Arts Festival, it’s a great time to be there. And yes, I have heard tools is a good thing to have. We are so nervous!!

      • Well, I would say we’ve been ‘streaming for the last 6 years. Our first A/S was a 2006 20′ Safari, that we purchased when we lived in Homer, AK. We traveled down to A/S of Spokane for the purchase and made its maiden voyage back to Homer! It was the end of September and it started snowing in Dawsons Creek and we were not prepared for that little weather event! We did make it back home safe and sound! Then we transferred to Rockland, Maine and our brave 20′ named RVTED, made it all the way across country. That was way fun.

        My hubby retired in 2010 and we made another cross country and settled in Vancouver, WA. This past June, we were curious about the differences between a 25′, 27′ and the 28′ A/S. So we went down to A/S Adv. Northwest in Portland and we walked out with a 27’ FC! That was not our plans, but it happened! ; ) So, we are just thrilled with our new upgrade. We hope it’s our forever A/S!

  1. OMG!!!! Beatrice is GORGEOUS! A real beauty….congratulations 🙂 and Happy Glamping!!! xxx

    http://www.haywood-sullivan.com Fine Art Pastel Landscapes

    “Far from being an entertaining byproduct of uniquely human characteristics, art may prove to be the adaptation that saves us from ourselves” – Matthew Battles

  2. Congratulations & happy trails. =)

    We purchased our 2013 23D Int Sig from Colonial as well (August) and was impressed with the level of professionalism and service everyone provides.

    Insider Tip: Bring a video camera to record the walk thru. There’s a lot to remember, which is why I’m working on an app for us glampers.

    • Alvin, congrats on your new AS!!! Yes, Colonial has been great, best price and lowest interest rate by far than anyone else we were dealing with. I have thought about a video camera b/c we are complete Newbies and have no clue what we are doing. And, we have to take her cross country to get her home. Our first experience RV’ing and we’ll be driving over 2000 miles. I’m really nervous about this!! Please do keep me posted about your app

    • Hi Greg, many thanks for your message. I have just sent in my application to join WBCCI and our local DenCO Unit. Looking forward to seeing what my red numbers will be. For sure will look out for your Silver Otter!!! Safe travels. Anna

  3. Congratulations. There is nothing more fun than buying it and making it your own. You have so many great options for exploration in your backyard. I look forward to following your adventures. I will definitely let you know when we take our Airstream out to Colorado.

    • Hi Doug, thanks so much!! Excited and nervous for the maiden voyage but, we’ll get through. And, by the time we get back to Denver we shouldn’t be Newbies anymore!!! Thanks for following. Oh, and so glad you met up with Mali Mish. They are so sweet!!! Looking forward to seeing you in CO one day! Safe travels. Anna

  4. Oh I’m so very green with envy-all that space ! We have a Roadtrek-Ruby and I love her but I think I would kill for that kitchen..we are breaking her in for our year long (or 2 or 3 yrs ) adventure starting December 2013-maybe we will run into each other on the road some day. Great blog.

    • Thank you Sandy for your sweet comment!!! Do you have a blog so I can follow your adventure? That sounds so exciting!! We are total Newbies so everything is going to be a new experience for us. Nervous but, very excited to start exploring. Safe travels. Anna

    • Partician, thank you so much!! We are very excited about Beatrice and the adventures that we’ll have with her. Sure did miss you at the reunion. Hope this finds you well. Big hugs, dear friend!!! Onnie

  5. So happy for y’all Anna! We purchased the same Airstream from Lauren & Patrick in April 2012. They are wonderful! We were Newbies & had never been camping. We live in Tennessee & in August we took our beauty to South Dakota, Yellowstone, & Grand Tetons. Love our Airstream! Enjoy the adventure!

    • Hi Billy, thank you so much for your comment and I’m so happy to hear that you too were Newbie’s and absolutly loving it. Would you mind if I sent you a private email? I have a couple questions about our Maiden Voyage and the walk thru. Cheers!! Anna

  6. Congratulations from a fellow owner of a 27FB! we are loving ours, we’ve had it two years now. Mostly long weekend trips, but we’ve made a few 1 and 2 week long treks up and down the west coast, and to southern Utah. We are looking forward to longer journeys in the future. Wishing you many happy miles, smiles, and adventures…!

    • Thank you Steve for leaving your sweet comment!! Glad to hear you are also in love with your 27’FB. So far, in my travels while researching AS’s ~ I have yet to meet anyone who isn’t in love with their AS!!!! Safe travels and happiness to you as well. Cheers!! Anna

  7. Hi, from NJ, had an exciting nite. I just purchased a new to me 2006 Safari, 25′, was going to get it yesterday, but well that did not work out, so shooting for next Monday. I am leaning towards the name Betty, Margaret is our very stern but trusty GPS lady, so I want a name that is fun. I started with a teardrop, moved up to a TAB, then a perfect, but big box ugly funfinder, now back to Alumimum, pretty excited about it.

  8. Hi Susan, congratulations on your 25′ Safari. Did you buy it from Colonial? Our Airstream is currently at Colonial and we’re anxiously waiting to hear how she faired after Sandy has now passed. Still no word but, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for following my blog. Hope to run into you on the road someday!! Cheers! Anna

    • I am about an hour from Colonial, although the Jersey Shore got hammered as did I, they seem far enough away to be fine. I was set to purchase a used Airstream, I made an offer, reply was they passed on my offer. I found another in Ct used maybe total of two months over 5 years. I hope to get there next week, Sandy messed us up, there is terrible destruction and no power up by me.

      I might just see you as I travel about 20,000 miles a season, with over 120 nights out this year. I own an Irish Shop and in the summer months, I vend at Irish, and Celtic Festivals. My goods go in my car, I pull my cottage on wheels! I have been doing this for years and really prefer not using motels. An Airstream has always been my dream, and unless a tree fell in CT and hit it, I am very close to bringing Betty home.

      What kind of Tow Vehicle do you have? Sbb

      • HI Susan, I love the name Betty!!! I’m sure she is fine as I’m sure my Beatrice is just fine too. Still haven’t heard from Colonial so they must be closed again today. Our TV is a 2011 Ford Expedition EL. Will be buying a Hensley hitch as recommended by Andy Thomson of CanAm. I just love Andy. That man is the expert of towing in North America I tell you. Don’t want to spend that $$ on a hitch but, if it works as well as he claims it will,should be worth it. We need to keep in touch in case we’re traveling in the same area. I am an “Irish” girl after all!!! Be well. Anna

  9. Oh forgot, make sure to check out Sisters on the Fly, and great Glamping book by the lady who has the Mary Jane’s farm magazine. Sister are great, met Sisrer #1 when they set a venue up at the NY Antiques show last Spring. Also attended a gathering in NJ. You do not need a cintage trailer to belong.

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