World’s Best Ice Cream ~ Wilcoxson’s 1

While in Yellowstone last week, I discovered the mother of all ice creams and I’m not joking. An uber sweet woman at the counter of the Canyon Convenience Store saw my pint of Chocolate ~ Wilcoxson’s Premium Ice Cream and proceeded in telling me how she waits all year till she arrives back in Yellowstone so she can grab herself a pint of the best ice cream in the world. Hub’s and I took our pint and two plastic spoons and headed down to Hayden Valley to view and photograph some bison. I opened the pint of deliciousness and folks, this is simply the best ice cream I have ever had. It isn’t too sweet, it isn’t too rich, just creamy goodness of perfection. I just had to share. Now, I’m worried because I’m not exactly sure where you can purchase this treat. I found this article on-line.

Based in Montana, 22 work in the company’s factories in Livingston and Billings and its Great Falls warehouse. And it’s celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary. The owner doesn’t grant interviews, doesn’t advertise so it’s a little secret up there in Montana. I hope I can find some Wilcoxson’s in Denver!

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography

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