Louisa’s and her Chocolate Bar 5

For the past 25 years or so, I have had the pleasure of dining at one of my all time favorite seaside restaurants, Louisa’s in Cape May, NJ.

Experience the tiniest of restaurants, fresh from the sea goodness and BYOB. Call ahead for reservations because you can’t get a seat at Louisa’s without one. They book solid each night in the summer as they only seat 20 folks per seating. I describe Louisa’s to friends as if you are dining, ultra casually at a friend’s home. The menu is on a chalk board and whatever the fresh catch of the day is, is what they offer. We adore this restaurant! I can still taste the fresh flounder, crab cakes and her famous Louisa’s chocolate pie but, alas I must wait till next summer.  I also love the quirky sea-inspired art work in the restaurant which are all painted by children!

Louisa just opened her new Louisa’s Chocolate Bar one stop away from Louisa’s restaurant. Specialty, hand-made chocolates from around the country. Our favorites are: Dick Taylor Craft Chocolates and Maison Bouche! This is a darling addition to the Cape May shopping experience. Pure decadence!!

Cape May is such an amazing little seaside town. I hope you have enjoyed my past few posts sharing its glory. And, if you visit Cape May, I anticipate that you will enjoy it as much as I have for over 40 years.

Photo Source: Anna Sullivan Photography


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