Alumafandango Lakeside 2012 ~ Part 2 13

The inaugural Alumafandango event was held last week at Lakeside Amusement Park near Denver, CO. The event drew approximately 80 Airstreams both new and vintage models from across the county. We met so many wonderful people last week at Alumafandango! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Airstreamers truly are a great bunch of people. No one is a stranger in the Airstream community and these rallies really prove that.

Laura D. invited Hub’s and me to join her and a very fun group at “The Breezeway” for a cocktail and conversation. Loved this gathering place in-between two Airstreams where we met new friends and fellow bloggers: Laura and Kevin from Riveted, Tiffani and Deke from Weaselmouth and Kyle from Where is Kyle Now? Another blogger who isn’t pictured here is Dan and Marlene from Mali Mish. All very fun blogs about travel, adventures, gadgets and more all written from their Airstreams. Worth a peek!!

Shari and Rob D’s immaculate and darling “Birdie” was the highlight of one of my favorite Alumafandango events: “Open House”! Streamers open the doors to their mobile homes for all to step inside, ask lots of questions and take many photos. Thanks to everyone who participated in the open house. My favorite event for sure!!

Various other “Open House” Airstreams at Alumafandango…………………..

Lakeside Amusement Park, during the day when it was very quiet…………

I enjoyed a roundtable seminar lead by Rich Luhr from Man In The Maze on Blogging. Leading the discussion was Where is Kyle Now?, Weaselmouth and Riveted.

Friday evening was the very anticipated “Ride Night” where Alumafandango participants had unlimited classic amusement park ride access. I believe the “Kid” was brought out of many ‘Streamers!!

Future Airstream Rallies:

February 2013 in Tucson, AZ ~ Alumafiesta

June 2013 in Jackson Center, OH ~ Alumapalooza

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


    • Kate, we only live 5 miles from where the event took place. Since we don’t own and Airstream “yet” ~ we joined the group during the day, on and off, and then went home! Was really fun meeting so many wonderful new friends!! Hope this finds you and Neal well. Big hugs, my friend!!

  1. Very nice units,are the two of you becoming caravan gypsies. It would be swell to talk to one of you to find what is happening in your lives. I see Paul in several photos & maybe with grandkids, you obviously are the photographer


    • Hi Mick, we certainly hope to enjoy the Airstream lifestyle one day. I’m trying to keep the dream alive. Hope this finds you and Rosemary well. Cheers!!!

  2. Even after seeing Aspen, Breckenridge, Th Rocky Mountain National Park and too many to count natural wonders, Alumafandango was the highlight of our trip so far. As you mentioned it was so easy to meet and chat with very nice people who share at least one aspect of their lives: a love of Airstreams.

    • Hi Frank, so glad you enjoyed our state. I enjoyed looking at your photos of your travels. It was so wonderful meeting you and so many new friends!! Until the next time, safe travels to you!!

  3. Oh Anna — I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to reading your posts about Alumafandango. You made me feel like I was right there and your photographs are beautiful! I love how you shared the many different Airstreams that were there as well as their beautiful interiors. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    • Monica, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if you were there!! I couldn’t believe how many people I finally got to meet. When you follow different folks on their blog and then meet them in person, it’s such a thrill. So many great people in the Airstream community. Thanks as always for taking a peek at my blog. I just adore you and hope all is well. Big, big hugs!!!

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  5. Just saw this after four months since we were there. Great shots! We didn’t bring our trailer, 75 Sovereign, cuz we just got it and didn’t know that much about them. Thanks to the great folks like you we are getting some great ideas, thanks!

    • Hi Mark and thanks for the nice comments!! We didn’t even own our trailer at the time of Alumafandango. But, we met so many great people and after asking tons of questions, we purchased ours in October. Can’t wait for spring to really start using her and posting about all the adventures. Good luck with your travels in your new Sovereign. How exciting for you!! Cheers! Anna

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