The “Hippie-Chick Bread Lady” of Cape May 18

One of my all time favorite things to do in Cape May is to rent and ride cruiser bicycles all over town and beyond. Bike riding affords me the freedom to explore and usually I stumble upon some pretty nifty sights. So, one hot, sunny July morning we were peddling down the famous Sunset Boulevard when we came across a large sign “Sold Out of Bread“. Of course, this peaked my interest beyond belief and I had to know what this bread is all about. Once again there was an “Honor” jar next to the sold out bread sign, where you can place your dollar bills and cycle home with various organic veggies or bright-colored blossoms. I just love the honor system and admire a town who cherishes this simple and honest pleasure.

The next day we once again cycled past Enfin Farm and low and behold we finally met the Rock Star of bread, Elizabeth Degener. Simply polite, kind, soulful and gracious, we spoke for about 10 minutes about her three-year adventure of baking bread. The farm is a third generation masterpiece.

Elizabeth bakes the breads at 4 AM in a wood-fired clay oven. This is not your grocery store bread ~ this is hearty, bread of life! She bakes and sells bread right outside the gate of the farm in a white washed stand every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all summer.

But, you better get there early as her stand opens at 10 AM sharp and she usually sells out within one hour!! You go girl, now that is some special bread!

Hub’s and I were lucky enough on our last day in Cape May to have arrived early enough to snag 4 loaves of goodness. We devoured the loaves over the next couple days. We purchased loaves of Elizabeth’s divine and crusty: Classic French, Olive Oil and Black Pepper, Toasted Millet with Sunflower and Rosemary and Thyme! Simply divine and noteworthy!

Next time you are out and about in Cape May and want to experience down to earth, wholesome perfection ~ head on down to 609 Sunset Boulevard, look for the very long line and pray you were early enough to experience the amazing Elizabeth and her “out of this world” bread!! Thank you, Elizabeth ~ it was an honor to meet you!! See you next summer!

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. Okay, I was hooked upon seeing the “Toasted Millet” variety. I mean, really? That sounds amazing! I’ve been a millet kick lately and that sounds divine. All of her breads look SO GOOD and the fact that she can sell out within an hour must mean something. Do you know if she ever delivers? How about to Seattle? lol. I am being serious here!!

  2. Oh that was weird — my first comment did not show up, hmmmmm. Anyhow, I wanted to tell you how much I loved this post and the bread looked amazing. I am a total bread maniac and have been on a millet kick lately so when I saw the millet variety I fell in love. I’m going to try and find her online and see if she can deliver!! A girl can dream right?

  3. I was there this morning! My favorite are her muffins.

    This was a beautifully written tribute to one of my favorite people (and things) in Cape May.

    • Thank you so much, Erin!! I can’t believe you were there that day. It’s such a small world. I was honored to have met, photographed and wrote about Elizabeth. She is a very special person indeed!! Cheers! Anna

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  5. Discovered the bread lady last year. Was biking by and asked someone in line what was going on. They told me the Bread Lady. Got bread that day and many days after that and it is all wonderful. When we left in Sept. cut some loaves in half, wrapped them in foil and froze them and they were still wonderful after being frozen for several months. Can’t wait to go back in June. yummmmmm

    • Hi Susie, I just adore Elizabeth and yes, the bread is just divine! Maybe I’ll see you in line this June/July. I’ll be the one with the camera’s!

    • Hi Taren, yes-she is open now. Drive down Sunset to find her stand. There will be a sign stating what days she’ll be open and at what time. Get there early as there is always a very long line and she sometimes sells out within one hour. Have a blast and enjoy her divine bread.

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