HotDog Tommy’s ~ Cape May 2

OK, so let’s get one thing straight ~ I don’t eat hot dogs! Well, to be really honest with you, I only eat HotDog Tommy’s hot dogs once a year on our annual pilgrimage to Cape May, New Jersey. I can hear you talking right now, I know, I know ~ who really cares about hot dogs and what is the hype?  The answer is: I have no clue! But, these are damn good, 100% all Angus beef dogs of delight.

On any given summer day, you will wait and I mean you will wait for up to 45 minutes and maybe even longer. Not since Carrie Bradshaw ate cup cakes at Magnolia Bakery in NYC on Sex and the City,  have I heard of such non-sense, waiting in line to pay for food on a 95 degree sweltering summer day? Bet your bottom dollar you will too! Tommy has become a bit of celebrity in this tiny beach town. The locale is one block off the beach, Jackson Street at Beach Avenue in a tiny space. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it, you will see the line down the block.

Tommy is decked out with his signature Hot Dog hat and brightly and multicolored high top sneakers. Always friendly, always cracking a joke, Tommy pleases even the crankiest customers. His darling wife, Mashed Potato Mary works in the back and makes the best “Stuff-In-A-Cup” including The Potato Tornado and The Summer Shower along with so much more. Tommy and Mary have been whipping up the best cheap eats in Cape May for 10 years now!

So, basically, I’m saying the next time you are in Cape May, stop by the dog stand and meet Tommy, order a “Big Bad Dog” Chili Cheese, Chop Suzy, Shaggy Dog, Texas Tommy or the Black Russian Dog just to name a few (and don’t forget a Smiddle Frozen Coke ~ delish!) and sit yourself on the beach to enjoy your newly found obsession. But, be very careful ~ the sea gulls of Cape May know all to well how good Tommy’s dogs are, they’ll snatch your dog right out of your hand!!


From 9:57 = HotDog Heaven

until 6:01 = Doggies are done

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


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