Charming Cape May, New Jersey ~ Part 1 2

When I was a little girl, I remember counting down the minutes until we would arrive in Cape May to spend a month by the Jersey shore. It was a time of great innocence, freedom and exploration. Back in the 70’s, my 8 siblings and I would roam the streets of Cape May as if we owned the town. We would spend our days in the sand, digging for sand crabs and catching as many waves as we could muster. My fondest memories of my childhood are from our annual trips to Cape May. Thanks goes out to my parents who gave up so much so their children could experience this summer treasure!

I will share with you over several posts, my favorite beach resort. In this post, I’ll give you a quick peak at the outstanding Victorian architecture and of course, “the beach”!!

Victorian Charmers on Beach Avenue

Still to this day, I find myself once again counting down the days until I arrive in Cape May to recapture the tranquility and peace I find at the shore. Now living in the mountains, I do yearn for the salty air, seafood in abundance and pure joy of sinking my feet into the sand while drifting off to imagine what lays beyond the shore and the crashing waves. After all, I did crew on private yachts for several years and I experienced the grand ocean as close as a human can by crossing her majesty twice each year.

Cape May, the “Summer City by the Sea” has the second largest collection of Victorian homes in the nation after San Francisco.

As you can see from my photos, fun is had by all in Cape May from the seasoned veteran beach go-ers to the wee babies like the twins below that captured my heart. Ride the waves, build sand castles, ride bikes, stroll on the boardwalk and play skeeball at the Arcade, savor an ice cream cone, find seaglass at the Cove beach, climb the 199 steps to the top of the lighthouse or just relax and enjoy the serene ocean view.

Please enjoy my Cape May! It’s truly a magical place. And come back to learn more about the “Nation’s Oldest Seaside Resort” in my next posts.

The Main Stay Bed & Breakfast, Built in 1870

Morrow’s Nut House, since 1956

Stockton Row Homes on Gurney Street

The Cove

Cape May Lighthouse

The “new” Convention Hall

The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast, Built in 1880

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. You really captured the essence of Cape May! Neil asked why we keep going back each year. Now I can point him to your blog and say, “That’s why!!!!!” Gorgeous photos, too!

    • Oh Kate, I can’t thank you enough for your kind comments. It truly is a magical place and I’m so glad that we found each other there! Keep an eye out b/c I have many more posts coming about Cape May. Too many photos and info for one post. Cape May is deserving of several posts, don’t you think? Big hugs!!

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