Hub’s Hints: Where To Go For Pinot Reply


Somehow it doesn’t seem right for me to be telling everyone (the esteemed public – respected visitors to this site) where to go.  But, in this regard, I need to do exactly that!  Often times, experienced, well-traveled camping enthusiasts share advice and information regarding desirable destinations and provide guidance to help send other adventurous travelers to special places.  In the world of wine, it is also important to know where to go (which appellations) to find the best quality.  Grapes grow literally all over the globe and many varieties flourish in a number of different areas.  But, with certain grape varieties like Pinot Noir especially, it is important to know which appellations and countries of origin provide the best opportunity for quality.

A side note here ~ Pinot Noir, assorted styles and favor profiles would be a welcome companion on any camping excursion.  In the text of this blog, we are examining red wine made from Pinot Noir not, white wines, sparkling, Champagne or rose from this grape variety.  This varietal (a wine named specifically for a particular grape variety) above many others, would compliment a wider array of dishes that are normally served at a camp site.  Pinot Noir goes well with assorted appetizers, soups, light dishes, grilled foods, barbecue – red meat, chicken and this variety is even one of the few red wines that will compliment many fish dishes.

So – – – where exactly do I send you to search out the best opportunity for quality oriented Pinot Noir and the greatest potential satisfaction?  Please keep in mind that even in the best locations, there are many different abilities, capabilities and winemaking philosophies that dictate to the ultimate flavor profile.  There are a myriad of styles that will address and appeal to different consumer desires and tastes.

The following will provide some guidance regarding Pinot Noir ~

First of all, let us pay homage to the single most prestigious and the most respected production area on earth for Pinot Noir!  This, the noblest of grape varieties, the “wine of kings”, reverently respected and highly touted, is at its best in Burgundy, France.  The Cote d’Or (The Golden Hills) is only 26 miles long and approximately 3 miles wide in South Central France and is host to the world’s finest quality Pinot Noir.  Infamous names like Clos Vougeot, Romanee-Conte, Bize-Leroy, Armand Rousseau and my personal favorite, Domain Dujac, produce Pinot Noir that is unparalleled and unexcelled world-wide.  If money is no object and you have an appreciation and appetite for the absolute best – this is your area!



There are numerous other regions of consequence for Pinot Noir.  Consult with your local wine advisor for suggestions and recommendations from the following countries of origin and appellations:

ARGENTINA ~ Patagonia, in the extreme southern portion of the wine production regions of Argentina.

AUSTRALIA ~ Victoria, off the southern coast of Southeastern Australia.

CALIFORNIA ~ Assorted special areas include: Carneros, Sonoma Coast, Russian River and Central Coast (Santa Maria, Santa Rita Hills, Bien Nacito).

NEW ZEALAND ~  Marlborough, popular for Sauvignon Blanc is the northern portion of the south island and Central Otago in the extreme south.

OREGON ~ Most of Oregon is conducive to Pinot Noir but, Willamette Valley especially with a Pacific Coast influence (Chehalem Mountains – Ribbon Ridge & Dundee Hills).

Pinot Noir is not limited exclusively to the above mentioned appellations.  But, you will have the best chance in these areas to find something to your liking.

I wish you luck in your search for the perfect Pinot Noir.  Please do not hesitate to request further information and / or ask for specific recommendations for your style of Pinot in the “leave a comment” section of this blog.  I would be pleased to assist you further.


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