Rocky Mountain National Park 2


Once again, a one day adventure from our home outside of Denver, Colorado takes us to the breathtaking National Park ~ Rocky Mountain National Park. A quick drive through Boulder, Lyons and you enter the park just past Estes Park, Colorado. The park encompasses 415 square miles of complete grandeur. You will drive over the famous Trail Ridge Road which is the highest road in any National Park taking you to over 12,000′ elevation. You will experience subalpine and alpines worlds in only a few miles. Wildlife viewing is abundant with sightings of Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer and Marmots to name a few.

“In 1915, Congress created Rocky Mountain, the nation’s 10th national park. Congress created the National Park Service in 1916.”

“Temperature causes tree line. Trees need an average growing temperature of about 50 degrees fahrenheit.”

As noted in my previous post, Mount Evans ~ “If you are a flatlander, please make sure you are aware that temperatures in Denver can be 90 degrees while on top of Trail Ridge Road on the same day, it can be 40 degrees. Dress appropriately, drink tons and tons of water and if you feel fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite or nausea ~ please descend to lower elevations. A drive to Rocky Mountain National Park should be on your bucket list for sure. I highly recommend this peaceful, secluded, masterpiece of our great country on your next journey to Colorado.”

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography


    • Hi there!! it’s devastating beyond belief. The morning we took these shots is the morning the largest fire near Ft. Collins started. As we headed back home from the park you could see the massive clouds of smoke. Now the entire state is on fire with 10 wildfires. Lots of prayers for our beautiful state.

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