Timeless Travel Trailers ~ Part II 6

Back in March of this year, I was honored to have been able to tour the Denver facility of Timeless Travel Trailers. You can read my first post on Timeless here.  Since our visit, Timeless has completed the gut renovation of this iconic and extremely rare 40′ Airstream. The photo above was taken during my visit in March. I am thrilled to share with you the final results of this magnificent renovation in the photos below, all courtesy of Timeless Travel Trailers. Since this Airstream isn’t towable, the “Mona Lisa”, privately owned, will be moved to her new home in the west where she will be cared for by an owner who truly has brought her to back to her glory and then some!

“The Western Pacific Railroad Company commissioned only ten of the 40′ Airstream trailers in 1962. They were used for Maintenance of Way Foreman. The design of these Airstreams was different from others of the same model year in that they were symmetrical from end to end rather than having the sloping tail. They were created by riveting two 20′ trailers together in the middle. The trailers were mounted on 50′ railroad flatcars when new and spent the rest of their working days on the rails. Most railroads used their retired passenger equipment for MOW work. The Western Pacific had very modest passenger operations and ran a very tight budget. This kept almost their entire passenger fleet in revenue operation until the 1970’s with the inception of Amtrak. For Western Pacific, the investment in the Airstreams made good economic sense. The Western Pacific was acquired by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1989. The Airstreams were dismounted from their flatcars for the first time in 27 years. One unit went to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, CA. Another unti went to the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento, CA and the remaining units were sold in various auctions. It is noted that two were destroyed while in railroad service.” That would leave five of the units in private possession in addition to this fine example that Timeless completely renovated.

Photo source: Timeless Travel Trailers



  1. Thanks for your comments, ladies!! It really was a thrill to have been able to tour this beauty. We haven’t seen it since it’s final touch ups but, it is more beautiful than many homes. I’m not sure if it will be on tour during Alumafandango as it may be delivered to the owner prior but, if not, they weren’t sure the owner would allow it. I know I wouldn’t want a ton of visitors after spending that kind of cash on such an extensive renovation. Cheers!!

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