Guest Post ~ The Little Red Airstream 6

One of my favorites past times is meeting new people and learning their “story”. Another reason why I enjoy traveling so much. My dream is to travel the US/Canada and write about all sorts of folks that I meet and sharing their stories whether simple or complex. So, how cool was it that while driving up to Mt. Evans this past weekend through all the switchbacks on this mountain road, Hub’s would discover the cutest “Red” Airstream in a driveway.

We decided that we would stop on the way down the mountain to take a few pics of this unique gem. So, after successfully photographing the mountain goats and bighorn sheep (I will be posting about this adventure as soon as I edit all of my pics) and after eating a gorgeous picnic in the most scenic backdrop ever, we drove down the mountain to the house that was home to the little “Red” Airstream. As I got my camera ready to roll (while sitting in our Expedition) a man was mowing his lawn and looked up at me. I gave a big “thumbs up” and he waved for us to come on in for a visit. So, we did. His name is Joshua Spinner and he was so kind to not only let us come into the driveway to take close-up pics of his Airstream but, also gave us an inside tour of his 23′ Safari Land Yacht.  Josh was very informative about his acquisition of his ‘Stream and the renovations that took her from ordinary to extraordinary. And, the bonus was a wiggly greeting from his Frenchie (French Bulldog) little girl and I just adore Frenchies!!

So, thanks goes out to Josh for taking time out of his busy day to invite two strangers into his yard to share his adorable and unique vintage Red Airstream with us. We’re finding in our Airstream journey that ‘Streamers are very welcoming, friendly and love to show off their aluminum homes. And proud they should all be!

Welcome Joshua Spinner,  ReMax Broker Associate in Denver, CO:

This unique painted Airstream came to being out of necessity.  It was a Craigslist deal but it had medium-sized dents in roof front and back.  With the price so low I thought I could simply repair the dents with bondo and paint the roof.

My body shop guy, Gary, did such a good job repairing the dents with Airstream skin I did not have to paint the trailer but I was already committed to the idea.  The trailer is a 1976 model but my wife Peggy and I liked the looks of older Airstreams and vintage canned hams like Shastas & Scotties so we decided to go with a 50’s vibe.

On the interior we went with the 50’s diner feel with real polished aluminum trim and real Marmoleum counters.  My buddy Dan at polished the stove and refrigerator door to match.  We opened up the floor-plan and changed things around a bit.  A previous owner laid down a sloppy powder blue and pea green motif that was 70’s stylish but it was not to our taste.

It has come a long way since then and nearly everything on the trailer has been replaced or refurbished.  My Craigslist deal has cost me a lot of money(man Airstream is proud of their parts!) and many hours of labor but it has been fun. The 23ft Land Yacht Safari with tandem axles is perfect for our family now but with 3 kids and 2 dogs I am already thinking of my next project.  Anyone know of a nice aluminum Airstream motor home for sale?

 Photo Source: Anna Sullivan Photography


  1. SO VERY GLAD that’s a 70s model. The 50s vibe on a ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, ’10s Airstream is really cute, love it!

    • Hi Frank, I met him right before Alumafandango and invited him but, he didn’t show up. Don’t think he is into the AS club stuff but, his AS is so darn cute. He was super nice and invited into his property as I was photographing from a distance. We spent about 45 minutes and he opened her up and let us peek inside. Airstreamers really are the nicest people!!! Happy Weekend, Frank!

  2. THAT is a very cute Airstream, If I hadn’t of sold mine last week … What a great inspiration of ideas!
    Thanks to all for sharing, now back to my drawing board ….

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