Glamperita ~ Simply the Best Margarita Reply

Now that it’s officially summer, Hub’s and I like to break out our shot jigger and whip up some amazing Margarita’s. We have found this to be the easiest and best Margarita recipe that we know of. There are so many wonderful Tequila’s out there so choose your favorite and mix away. So, whether you are Glamping at your favorite park, sitting by the beach soaking in the rays or simply enjoying your backyard oasis ~ the Glamparita is sure to please. And, your friends will thank you!

Glamperita Ingredients

Serving Size: 1


Simply Limeaid – approx. 8 oz.

Grand Marnier 1/2 oz. shot

Tequila (we really like Chinaco) 1 oz. shot


Ice Cubes

Cut your lime in half, saving one half to squeeze into your glass and slice the other half into wedges. Rub a lime wedge over the entire rim of a 10 oz. glass. Place a handful of salt on a small plate. After you have wiped the lime around the rim of your glass, tip the glass over onto the salt to coat the rim of the glass with salt.

Next, in the larger side of the shot jigger, fill with your favorite Tequila and add into the glass. Then use the smaller side of the shot jigger, fill with Grand Marnier and pour into the glass mixing in with the tequila. Stir.

Add ice cubes to the top of the glass. Shake the Simply Limeaid, pour to the top of the glass.

Squeeze a half or even a whole lime into the glass. The Margarita is especially delicious when you add lots of fresh lime! Stir contents of glass.

 Add a lime wedge and away you go into Margarita heaven. Enjoy!

Photo Source: Anna Sullivan Photography

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